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Burger King (Cambridge Franchise Holdings) Pay Stubs & W2s

There are many franchises of the company you are employed. All franchises are working independently that’s why your company can not provide equal benefits to all the employees. As you may be googled for your pay stubs and w2 statements under your company but you cannot log in to that ESS (Employee Self Service) portal provided by google because that ESS is for the employees of another franchise under your company not for you or your franchise. Your franchise is using Adams Keegan’s Efficenter portal for your pay stubs and w2 statements. So, if you are working for Burger King’s Cambridge Franchise Holdings, Inc. then hopefully you are visiting on the right website for your desired information. I will try to help your to get your pay stubs and w2 statements.

How to Login?

If you are an old or returning user then you can log in to this portal simply with your username and password. So, first go to the portal log in page with this link: On the first input box enter your username and password on the other input box. Clicking on the log in (>) button you can get access to your account on this portal and can view your pay stubs, w2 statements, direct deposit set up, performance review, real time reporting, update timekeeping information, online benefits enrollment etc.

Forgot your password?

On the situation of forgetting password you can retrieve your password easily with Email Password link from the log in page. After clicking on the link you will be navigated to a new screen for providing some information as Username, last 4 digits of your Social Security Number and your Email Address. Now, you will be able to retrieve your password by checking your email address because you may be provided your current password or a link for resetting your password via an email.

New user? Complete Registration Process:

If you are a new or first time user then you have to complete your registration process for getting registered on this portal and log in credentials.

First, go to the log in page with this link via a network connected device and click on Sign Up link below the log in section.

Now, you have to provide your SSN (Social Security Number) and click on the Continue or Next button beside the input box.

Then you will be navigated to a new screen and provide proper information as personal information, contact information, create username and password etc. for completing registration process according to the instructions by the system.

After completing the registration process successfully you can log in to the portal with your username and password and can get access to your desired information.


Burger King Ultipro Login

GPS Hospitality; one of the largest independent franchises of Burger King where GPS stands for Goals, People and Service. That means GPS Hospitality is operating the business with a goal for the people and that is good service with favorite fast foods of those people in clean attractive and comfortable environments by amicable and modest employees. This pure concept of GPS as Goal, People and Service moves forward to success of this company and encourages the employees to serve with a good manner to the customers. Now, GPS Hospitality is operating more than 400 Burger King and Popeyes restaurants in approximately 11 States. All employees working under GPS Hospitality are recommended UltiPro portal using InfoSync payroll service at  for getting access to their pay stubs and w2 statements in details along with personal information, contact information, benefits etc.

How to Login?

Visit login page of your payroll portal with the provided link as with a network connected computer, laptop, tablet or smartphone. As an old user of this portal you can log in with your credentials as User Name and Password. After a successful login attempt your Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen will be appeared on the screen of your device.

How to retrieve your Forgotten Password?

You can reset or retrieve your password with Forgot Your Password? link under the log in section of your portal log in page. After clicking on the link you have to input your User name and Company access code (Collect your company access code from your employer or HR office).

First Time User? Follow the following steps first:

  1. Initial Login: Entering your User Name and Initial Password click on Log In button for your initial login. Your User Name is your Last Name + First initial of your First Name + Last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). Suppose, you are Donald Trump and your SSN is 12456789. So, your User Name will be trumpd6789. Your Initial Password is your birthdate following MMDDYYYY format. Suppose, your birth date is 8 January, 1992 then your initial password is 01081992.
  2. Change Initial Password: Now you will be navigated to your Initial Password changing screen for changing your initial. New password requirements will be provided on the screen with proper instructions and follow them carefully.
  3. Challenge Questions: After changing your initial password successfully, you will be navigated to your challenge questions screen. Select 3 challenge questions from dropdown list and answer the question on the definite text box.
  4. Personal UltiPro Screen: Finally, your Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen will be appeared on the screen. There is a Menu bar on left-top of the screen. From the Menu you can get your desired information and documents with specific options.


Burger King (EYM Group) Pay Stubs & W2s

When you are working for a franchise company where your parent company has many franchises like your working company and every franchise is operating the business quite independently. Most of the time, those independent franchises are providing quite different facilities to the employees. Perhaps, you were searching the employee self-service portal on google of your particular franchise company for your pay stubs and w2 statements. But, you did not get proper information about that. In this article, I am trying to help you with proper information about your pay stubs and w2 statements on that Employee Self-service portal which is recommended by your franchise.

EYM Group, Inc. is operating more than hundreds of Burger King, Denny’s, KFC and Pizza Hut’s restaurants in eight states of United States where a large number of employees are working. All employees are recommended the Kronos Workforce Central portal for receiving the pay stubs and w2 statements at

How to Login?

  • Visit the login page for the employees of EYM Group, Inc. at You must need flash player for loading this login page. If this page is not loading on your browser then first you will be suggested to download and install adobe flash player by this page or download the latest version of adobe flash player and install it. And reload the page.
  • Enter your Username.
  • Enter your Password.
  • Click the login button beside the password text box.

You already get access to your account and can manage your personal information and contact information, view your pay stubs, w2 statements, benefits and other services as well.

Forgot Your Password?

You can reset your forgetting password with Forgot Your Password? Option below the login section. Clicking on this option you will be navigated to a new screen and you have to provide a security question as your Username. Providing your username click on submit button and then follow the instructions by the system for resetting your password.

First Time User? Create New Logon:

First time or new users have to manage the log in credentials as Username and Password with Create New Logon option from the login page.

Here you have to complete Employee Sign In process with Submitting your Social Security Number, Last Name and Date of Birth. Then you will be navigated to Password Creating Screen. Create a strong password and then system will provide a username. With providing this username and your created password you can log in to your account in this portal from the portal Login page.


Burger King (Tri City Foods) Pay stubs & W2s

There are many chain stores or restaurants that have many independent franchises. You are working for such a franchise company that’s parent company have more than hundreds of independent franchises in United States only. Yes, Burger King Chain Restaurant has more than hundreds of independent franchises in United States. And Tri City Foods, Inc. is the second largest independent franchise of Burger King Chain Restaurant in United States which is operating in six Midwestern States with serving almost 70 million customers in a year. You know all about these and you are here for your pay stubs and w2 statements related information. I am trying to help you enough for getting your pay stubs and w2 statements properly.

Tri City Foods, Inc. is providing pay stubs and w2 statements via Tri City Foods’ Employee Portal at

How to Login?

  • Go to the portal’s log in page at
  • Enter your Username on the first text field.
  • Enter your Password on the second text field.
  • Click on Secure Login button.

Now, you can get access to your profile on this portal and able to view and manage your personal information, contact information, pay stubs, w2 statements, schedule, benefits etc. in details.

How to Compete Registration Process?

First time or New Users have to create an account with completing the registration process first. Without creating an account through registration process no one will be able to get access to this portal. This portal is much secured and your all data is safe in this portal. Following steps are for completing registration process:

  • From the log in page click on Register button from the left portion of the page.
  • A new screen with registration form will be appeared in front of you.
  • Now provide proper information in every field following the field title. Here the required fields are First Name and Last Name; Username, Password and Confirm Password; SSN (Social Security Number) and SSN Confirm; Email Address, Security Question and Answer; Accept privacy policy and answer an arithmetic question.
  • Finally, click on Register button for creating an account with these information.

Now, you are able to get access to this portal by login process with your login credentials as Username and Password.

Forgot Password?

You can recover your forgotten password with >>Forgot username and password? Link below the log in section. Here you can get a reset link in your provided email address or you can reset your password by answering the security questions you defined at the time of completing registration process. For both process first you have to provide your SSN (Social Security Number) or Username.

Jan King Pay stub Portal

Jan King is such a restaurant chain of privately owned company “Jan Companies” that is running its business in United States under different hamburgers and hospitality companies like Burger King, Newport Ceramery, Krispy Kreme, CoreLife Eatery, Popeyes and four country clubs such as Quindnessett Country Club, Sterling National Country Club, Norton Country Club and Grassy Hill Country Club. Basically, it is operating the franchise-based business under these brands in different locations of different states. Now, Jan King has owned more than 80 Burger King Restaurants those are operated in about 12 states. Besides, Country Clubs are operated in Rhode Island, Massachusetts, and Connecticut with a full range of advantages together with golf and banquet convenience.

Now, employees working in this company can receive their paperless pay stubs electronically via online payroll portal as money network pay stub portal with details information about net pay, gross pay, pay date, pay period, end date, active hours, time off, tax related information  and deductions.

How to Login?

  • Go to portal login page with the specific link provided by your employer or Human Resource Department as
  • Enter your Employee ID.
  • Enter your new PIN.
  • Click on Sign In button.

Now, you will be able to get access to your pay stubs.

How to Retrieve your Forgotten PIN?

  • Click on Forgot Your PIN? Link provided on the login page below the log in form.
  • Enter your Employee ID.
  • Enter your Date of Birth following the format as MMDD. Example: Entered value for the date of February 12 will be 0212.
  • Enter last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).
  • Click on Submit button.

Now, you will be provided your PIN or you will be able to recreate your PIN.

New User? First complete your Registration process:

  • From the log in page of your portal click on Register Now option.
  • Enter your Employee ID.
  • Enter your Date of Birth following the format as MMDD. Example: Entered value for the date of February 12 will be 0212.
  • Enter last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Finally, click on Submit button and by this way you have completed the initial part of your registration process.
  • Now, you should follow the instructions properly provided by the system on the screen and complete registration process by creating your PIN as log in credential.

You can receive your pay summary through Text message or Email. For activating this service please provide your phone number and email address in the definite field and enable email or text message option.


Burger King Paystub Portal

Juicy and Delicious Burger is one of the timeless favorite fast foods for generations. And when it is too large then it becomes a matter of more attraction for the burger lovers. Burger King has started the fast food business with introducing a large hamburger that is called Whooper. Whooper is the signature product of Burger King. The other Burger King products are Flame Grilling, 100% Beef, Onions and Tomatoes, Pickles and Mayonnaise, French Fries, Drinks, Deserts etc. Now, Burger King is the second largest fast food hamburger restaurant chain in the world with almost 18k restaurants at different locations in more than hundred countries across the world where more than 11 million guests are visiting every day. For serving the customers there are employed a huge number of employees. All the employees are provided their pay stubs and w2 statements via online portal as Money Network Pay Stub Portal.

How to Log in to pay stub portal?

As an active employee of Burger King Corporation (BKC) you can get access to the portal for viewing your pay stubs in details with worked hours, overtime hours, payment etc. But, first you have to log in with your Employee ID and PIN at

You can retrieve your forgotten PIN with Forgot your PIN? Option. After clicking on the option you have to submit your Employee ID, Date of Birth (Format: If your birth date is January 10 then provide 0110) and Last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

New User? Complete Registration process:

  • Visit the portal login page at
  • Click on Register Now option.
  • Enter your Employee ID.
  • Enter your Date of Birth according to the instructed format. (Format: If your birth date is January 10 then provide 0110)
  • Enter last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number)
  • Then click on Submit button.
  • Finally go ahead with the system following the instructions properly and complete registration process by creating your PIN as log in credential.

Now, you are able to get access to this portal by logging in with your credentials for viewing and printing your pay stubs.

Your pay summary is available via Phone and Text message or Email address also. For getting your pay summary via text message or email address you have to set up this option from the portal after inputting your phone number or email address.


Burger King (Carrols LLC) Pay Stubs & W2s

When the world is in the hands then why we will stand in line for my payroll and tax statements? Carrols Corporation (one of the largest franchisee of the Burger King Restaurant chain) made themselves a self-service portal with Talx Corporation by taking the matter. So those who work on Burger King Franchisee (owned and operated in the Tri City Foods) are authorized to use this Self Service Portal. And if you are an employee of any other Franchisee, do not try to login to this Franchisee’s Self Service Portal. Then just waste time. Instead, go to Burger King’s index page here and find out. You can also get information about your Franchisee. If not, then you can leave a voice mail at (+1 315 960 5895) or leave a reply in the comments section.

Tax Form Management

Tax Form Management is your source for W2 statements. Those who consented for electronic W-2s they will be available on the last week of January in the Tax Form Management website. If you have not consented to obtain your W-2 electronically, it will be mailed to the home address no later than 31st January. Therefore if you have consented you can easily access your tax statements with few of simple steps, from anywhere, any time on any device that connect with internet. To access, follow the following directions-

To get started, first go to the Tax Form Management website at

After that enter your employer code number 11135 and click on Login>>.

Click on click here to Login link. Then it will ask some credential information such as SSN and date of birth. If you are going to logging for the first time, it will ask to finish the several addition steps. After finishing everything, you have to give a consent to get your tax statement online.


Tax Form Management

Burger King Pay Stubs & W2s

Dear employees of Burger King Corporation, I’m going to inform you that you can access your pay and tax information from the Ultipro self-service website. It is easy, convenience and you do not have to waste time in the hours. Just enough for 5 minutes. However, employees are already registered for this web system- you have to only use following login credential than seen in this image. You can also print and use this image as a card to write your user name and password information. If you are an employee of another franchisee, you can go to out Burger King Index page where you can get your franchisee payroll and taxes related information. If you are ready to login now- follow the following directions-

Ultipro Login information-

  1. To access your Ultipro employee self-service, go to
  2. Login with your user name and password. User name is your last name + 1st initial of first name + last four digits of your SSN, for example smithj6789 and default password date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.
  3. If you are login with the default password, you will be required to complete two more steps to access your account-
  4. Change password- to change the default password, at first enter your default password then enter a new password twice.
  5. Setup security question- the answers you provide will be used to reset your password.

Consent for Electronic Delivery-

To consent for electronic delivery, click on “Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement Consent” under Things I Can Do. Then select the check box “Go Paperless! I consent to receive my Form W-2 electronically” and then click on save button.

View Pay Statements-

Click on current pay statement under MYSELF menu, this will show the current pay statements and you click on Print button to print it out.

View W2 Forms-

Click on W-2 under MYSELF menu then select a year you wish to view. This will be show the W-2 form for the selected year, you can click on print button to print off.