Burger King (Tri City Foods) Pay stubs & W2s

There are many chain stores or restaurants that have many independent franchises. You are working for such a franchise company that’s parent company has more than hundreds of independent franchises in the United States only. Yes, Burger King Chain Restaurant has hundreds of independent franchises in the United States. And Tri City Foods, Inc. is the second-largest independent franchise of Burger King Chain Restaurant in the United States, operating in six Midwestern states and serving almost 70 million customers in a year. You know all about these and are here for your pay stubs and w2 statements-related information. I am trying to help you enough to get your pay stubs and w2 statements properly.

Tri City Foods, Inc. provides pay stubs and w2 statements via Tri City Foods’ Employee Portal at https://employee.3cityfoods.com.

How to Login?

In detail, you can access your profile on this portal and view and manage your personal information, contact information, pay stubs, w2 statements, schedule, benefits, etc.

How to Compete Registration Process?

First-time or New Users must create an account by completing the registration process. Without creating an account through the registration process, no one will be able to access this portal. This portal is much more secure, and all your data is safe in this portal. The following steps are for completing the registration process:

  • From the login page, click on the Register button from the left portion of the page.
  • A new screen with a registration form will appear in front of you.
  • Now provide accurate information in every field following the field title. The required fields are First Name and Last Name; Username, Password and Confirm Password; SSN (Social Security Number) and SSN Confirm; Email Address, Security Question, and Answer; Accept privacy policy and answer an arithmetic question.
  • Finally, click the Register button to create an account with this information.

Now, you can access this portal by login in with your username and password credentials.

Forgot Password?

You can recover your forgotten Password with >>Forgot Username and Password? The link is below the login section. Here you can get a reset link in your provided email address or reset your Password by answering the security questions you defined when completing the registration process. For both methods, you must first provide your SSN (Social Security Number) or Username.

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  1. I’m a former employee of Burger King-Chicago Ridge Mall (March 2021-August 202) and I want my past pays tubs and my W2 form emailed to me so I can do my taxes asap. My email is samirojas@yahoo.com

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