What to do when you don’t receive your w2?

The W2s form is a wage and tax statement of a person or employee that proves the wages earn from his job and taxes withheld from his income for a year. All employees should receive their w2 statements from their employers within 31st January. Sometimes, it may cause a late about a week when employees got a hard copy of their w2 statements via mail at the home address.

But if you do not receive your w2 statements by mid-February then you should take the following steps:

1. Check Calendar: You should receive your w2 statement on 31st January. But, your expected date is over, and you did not receive your w2 statements. Then you have to realise that your company or employer might meet a late technical period. Perhaps, your employer has to send w2 at 31st January, and if it is sent by US mail at the eleventh hour, then you may receive it during the first days of February and sometimes it could be a matter of late for a week.

2. Check your email and portal: If your company provides w2 statements electronically via online portal then check your email and portal carefully because your employer may send you an email notice to explore your w2 form online payroll portal. If you cannot find any mail about w2, then search in the spam folder.

3. Contact with your Employer: Now you should contact your employer or payroll coordinator or former employer and ask about your w2 if it is not sent yet. If your w2 was sent already then enquire about your correct address or email address.

4. Contact the IRS (Internal Revenue Service): If you do not receive your w2 within February 14, then you should contact with IRS (Internal Revenue Service). You are allowed to make a toll-free call to IRS at 800 829 1040. You can also visit a nearby IRS Taxpayer Assistance Center (TAC) and know information about that from this link: https://www.irs.gov/help/contact-your-local-irs-office. When you make a call, you have to provide some information as

(a) Your name, address, phone number and Social Security Number (SSN)

(b) Your employer’s name, address, phone number and your employment date

(c) An estimate of your wages and federal income tax withheld in the previous year, based upon your final pay stub or leave-and-earnings statement, if available.

5. File your return on time: Now it is better to file your tax return within April 15, or you must request an extension to file. You have not received your w2 statement yet and followed the previous steps now you should file the form 4852 got from IRS. So, you must attach the form 4852 with estimating your earnings and tax withholding approximate correctly. You may wait for a period for verifying your information.

6. File a Form 1040x for requesting more time: You have completed all the previous steps, and you like to get your original or official w2 statement, so you have to ask for more time. While you have filed form 4852, you got an automatic extension for filing a form 1040x. If you file form 1040x, then you will get additional time as six months till October 15.