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GPS Hospitality; is one of the largest independent franchises of Burger King, where GPS stands for Goals, People, and Service. That means GPS Hospitality is operating the business with a goal for the people. That is good service with favorite fast foods of those people in clean, attractive, and comfortable environments by amicable and modest employees. This pure concept of GPS as a Goal, People, and Service moves forward to this company’s success and encourages the employees to serve customers competently. GPS Hospitality operates more than 400 Burger King and Popeyes restaurants in approximately 11 States. All employees working under GPS Hospitality are recommended UltiPro portal using the InfoSync payroll service at https://infosync.ultipro.com  for access to their pay stubs and w2 statements in detail personal information, contact information, benefits, etc.

How to Login?

Visit your payroll portal’s login page with the link https://infosync.ultipro.com with a network-connected computer, laptop, tablet, or smartphone. As an old user of this portal, you can log in with your User Name and Password credentials. After a successful login attempt, your Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen will appear on your device’s screen.

How to retrieve your Forgotten Password?

Can you reset or retrieve your password with Forgot Your Password? The link is under the login section of your portal login page. After clicking on the link, you must input your User name and Company access code (Collect your company access code from your employer or HR office).

First Time User? Follow the following steps first:

  1. Initial Login: Entering your User Name and Initial Password, click the login button for your initial login. Your User Name is your Last Name + the First initial of your First Name + the Last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number). Suppose you are Donald Trump, and your SSN is 12456789. So, your User Name will be trumpd6789. Your Initial Password is your birthdate following the MMDDYYYY format. Suppose your birth date is 8 January 1992; your initial password is 01081992.
  2. Change Initial Password: You will be navigated to your Initial Password changing screen for changing your initial. New password requirements will be provided on the net with proper instructions, and follow them carefully.
  3. Challenge Questions: After changing your initial password successfully, you will be navigated to your challenge questions screen. Select three challenge questions from the dropdown list and answer the item in the definite text box.
  4. Personal UltiPro Screen: Finally, your Dashboard or Personal UltiPro Screen will appear on the screen. There is a Menu bar on the left top of the screen. You can get your desired information and documents with specific options from the Menu.



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