Burger King Pay Stubs & W2s

Dear employees of Burger King Corporation, I’m going to inform you that you can access your pay and tax information from the Ultipro self-service website. It is easy, convenience and you do not have to waste time in the hours. Just enough for 5 minutes. However, employees are already registered for this web system- you have to only use following login credential than seen in this image. You can also print and use this image as a card to write your user name and password information. If you are an employee of another franchisee, you can go to out Burger King Index page where you can get your franchisee payroll and taxes related information. If you are ready to login now- follow the following directions-

Ultipro Login information-

  1. To access your Ultipro employee self-service, go to https://infosync.ultipro.com
  2. Login with your user name and password. User name is your last name + 1st initial of first name + last four digits of your SSN, for example smithj6789 and default password date of birth in MMDDYYYY format.
  3. If you are login with the default password, you will be required to complete two more steps to access your account-
  4. Change password- to change the default password, at first enter your default password then enter a new password twice.
  5. Setup security question- the answers you provide will be used to reset your password.

Consent for Electronic Delivery-

To consent for electronic delivery, click on “Form W-2 Wage and Tax Statement Consent” under Things I Can Do. Then select the check box “Go Paperless! I consent to receive my Form W-2 electronically” and then click on save button.

View Pay Statements-

Click on current pay statement under MYSELF menu, this will show the current pay statements and you click on Print button to print it out.

View W2 Forms-

Click on W-2 under MYSELF menu then select a year you wish to view. This will be show the W-2 form for the selected year, you can click on print button to print off.



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  1. Jonathan Valadez  |  

    Hello, my name is Jonathan Valadez and I have been working for Burger King since July 2019 and am trying to obtain my w2 in Kansas. If there is any way you could help it would be appreciated greatly.

  2. im trying to get my w2s from the burger king in edgewater fl . i was employed there last year an had to leave the company . be fore i was able to get my last check an my w2s for 2019 . i hope this reaches someone that can get me my w2s . i will leave my number as well as my address , 386-236-1651 address 1251 north stone street deland fl 32720

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