Food City Pay Stubs & W2s

We have a lot of brand or company in America called Food City. Many of them are popular with the people as well. It’s a good thing that when we search it on Google, it shows all results. But we are in trouble when we work in one of these companies, and we have to take any vital information from our employer’s web site. This article will help you if you work at Food City, owned by the Ka-Va-T Food Store. Do not worry that you have lost a lot of time to log into your self-service account. Because more than 16000 employees like you are working in this company, they also have become a victim of the experience for the first time somehow. So I hope you have bookmarked this page that will help you later. You can share with your colleagues, and they will also be benefited.

Food city Ultipro login

Every employee has an account in the Ultipro system and can access the pay statements, w2, direct deposit information, and other information that you have been permitted to view. To access your account-

  1. Login at\
  2. If you have come to logging for the first time, you need to change your temporary password. And the password must be at least eight characters with a capital letter and a lowercase letter, a number, and a unique character.         
  3. All you need to do after changing your password is to choose three security questions and answer them. These answers will be asked if you forget the password.
  4. Once your security question is selected and answered, you will reach your account’s dashboard. Menu>Myself>Pay Statements for view and print out your current and historical pay statements, Menu>Myself>W-2, to view and print your tax statements.


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