Burger King (Carrols LLC) Pay Stubs & W2s

When the world is in the hands then why we will stand in line for my payroll and tax statements? Carrols Corporation (one of the largest franchisee of the Burger King Restaurant chain) made themselves a self-service portal with Talx Corporation by taking the matter. So those who work on Burger King Franchisee (owned and operated in the Tri City Foods) are authorized to use this Self Service Portal. And if you are an employee of any other Franchisee, do not try to login to this Franchisee’s Self Service Portal. Then just waste time. Instead, go to Burger King’s index page here and find out. You can also get information about your Franchisee. If not, then you can leave a voice mail at (+1 315 960 5895) or leave a reply in the comments section.

Tax Form Management

Tax Form Management is your source for W2 statements. Those who consented for electronic W-2s they will be available on the last week of January in the Tax Form Management website. If you have not consented to obtain your W-2 electronically, it will be mailed to the home address no later than 31st January. Therefore if you have consented you can easily access your tax statements with few of simple steps, from anywhere, any time on any device that connect with internet. To access, follow the following directions-

To get started, first go to the Tax Form Management website at www.mytaxform.com.

After that enter your employer code number 11135 and click on Login>>.

Click on click here to Login link. Then it will ask some credential information such as SSN and date of birth. If you are going to logging for the first time, it will ask to finish the several addition steps. After finishing everything, you have to give a consent to get your tax statement online.


Tax Form Management

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  1. Loretta Bertrand  |  

    I’m locked out of Tax Form Management account. My associate number is xxxxxx last 4 xxxx. Please assist me in getting back into my Tax Form Management account. Thank you.

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