Elwood Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s

Elwood Staffing is required by law to provide employees with pay std tax statements on time. For these reasons, the company partnered with Aviontego.com to furnish all employees’ pay stubs and year-end tax statements online through their portal. However, all employees must be consented to access online. The electronic delivery consent form is available in your payroll office if you have not yet approved it. If not agreed, your W-2 statement will be mailed to the address on file no later than January 31st. Once you consent, you will log in to a powerful website with interactive tools. Logging in allows you to view and print your pay stubs, w2s and access the electronic Timecard.

How to access Your Pay Stubs & W-2s online

  1. You can access your pay stubs and W-2 statement online through Barks & Beyond portal at https://bnb.aviontego.com/portals/login.aspx?CompanyID=BAB.
  2. If you are new to this system, you must contact your local Elwood Staffing office to consent to online delivery and receive your login credentials.
  3. Once you have logged in, click on the “Pay History” tab for a detailed history of your paychecks and year-end tax statements.
  4. In the left-hand menu, click on the “Paychecks” link. This will be displayed as a list of pay stubs forms, and the most recent will be displayed on top.
  5. If you want to view your year-end tax statement, please click on the “W-2” link, which will display a list of W-2 forms.
  6. Click on the “Print” link from the list.
  7. You can also use the “Work History” link to know how many hours you’ve worked, your week, and your gross pay.



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