CD Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CD Staffing Pay Stubs & W2s online?

Everyone involved with CD Staffing is provided with timely pay stubs and w2s s on the digital way through the Avionte Employee Self-Service Portal. Accessing this portal allows everyone to view and print digital or electronic pay stubs and W-2 statements. Also, be able to update timesheets, manage personal and contact information, find employment-related benefits, etc.

Now we will access the Avionte Employee Self-Service Portal. We will go to the portal’s login page using the following URL for CD Staffing: and log in by entering the username and password obtained as login credentials through the local CD Staffing office or time card email. You have to change your password at the time of your first-time login, and you can change your username if you want. At the same time, you must select the security question, provide the answer, and save it.

After that, you will see your portal’s ‘Home Screen’ and where you can find your Pay Stubs & W2 Statement under the ‘Pay History’ menu. Besides, you can explore various information like a check number, date of the check, gross, tax, deduction, net amount, direct deposit, etc., and you can print your desired W2 statements.

Note: You will receive an electronic or digital copy of your W2 statements through this portal only after setting up your W2 receiving option. For this, you must answer “Yes” to the employee interview question of the W-2 receiving option on the portal. If you do not complete this, you will not receive a digital copy through the portal, but a hard copy will be delivered to your address.

Help: If for some reason you are unable to access your account, then click on the “Can’t access account” hyperlink from the login page of the portal and submit the required information such as User Name, First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Last four digits of your SSN, etc. After that, you will be given the necessary instructions via email. If you still can’t access the portal, please go to the local CD Staffing office and fix it.

About CD Staffing

Customer Driven Staffing (or CD Staffing for short) is a regional leader in employment services in the staffing and recruitment industries. Here, under the supervision of much-experienced management staff, clients are provided with various skilled temporary employees per their company’s requirements. CD Staffing’s management staff has long experience in multiple fields and selects and assigns suitable candidates for specific clients. Here the reputation is maintained by fulfilling the responsibilities of providing professional and best-qualified staff to the clients with the promise of business success. CD Staffing also promises to give the candidates the best opportunities, which is now a reality. Candidates can also choose companies according to their experience and skills for short-term, long-term, contract, or project-based work. In a word, candidates can become the ultimate source of experience day by day by working with their needs and matching their lifestyle through the best employers here.

Disclaimer: The CD Staffing and CD Staffing logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the CD Staffing Company.

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