Instant Help

Thank you for visiting this web page. Please bookmark this page for future use. Nowadays, almost all companies are offering electronic W2 statements and pay statements. It is secure and more convenient than paper format, but sometimes it makes harassment and makes it difficult for employees without knowledge to use a self-service portal.

If you feel bored in this process or face any problem with getting access or logging in to your employer’s self-service system account, you can hire me to help solve the problem.

You have to pay a $7 per session fee, and our session will continue until your problem is solved. If you want to hire me, pay the session fee of $7 at and text me at (+1 (662) 336-1304, your reference number.

By state law- w2 statements for employees in the United States will be available by January 31st, 2020, and tax statements for an employee in Canada will be public by the last day of February.