CFISD Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CFISD Pay Stubs and W2s?

The Payroll Department’s responsibility is promptly to provide all the documents and information related to salaries and taxes to all the employees, staff, and faculty associated with CFISD. There is always a variety of full-time, part-time, alternative, and temporary employees who are paid semi-monthly. The payroll checks, pay stubs, and w2s or Wages and Tax Statement forms, 1095-C forms, etc., must be updated by the staff in charge of the payroll department. Employees can get all this digitally through CFISD’s Employee Access Center (EAC) and download or print it. Also, updated and detailed information on your payroll, federal tax withholdings, absences, leave balance, Medicare deductions, etc., are available here. And for this, you can access the Employee Access Center from your home computer, CFISD’s work computer, or any department’s kiosk.

Access process to the Employee Access Center (EAC)

  • Usually, you can log in with your User ID and Password from the login page of the Employee Access Center using this URL:
  • However, new employees must complete some additional steps at the time of the first login. Navigate to the portal’s login page and log in using the User ID and default password provided by the administrator or Human Resources department. You will then be asked to change your default password and set a strong password. In the next step, follow the system’s instructions, set 3 security questions from the dropdown menu, and submit their answers.
  • After accessing the portal, you will get your pay stub in the “Payroll Checks” option. By clicking on any “Check Number” here, you will get the details of your pay stub in PDF format, which is downloadable.
  • All W2s since 2000 are available on this portal. However, until 2007 all W2s are available in HTML format, and since then, all W2s have been available in PDF formats. Clicking on the “Print W2s” option of the portal and selecting the specific year will display your W2s, and you can download or print it.

Help: Suppose you want to reset your forgotten password. In that case, you need to reset it from a Cy-Fair Work computer or kiosk from the Employee Access Center login page by providing the User Id via the ” Forgot your Password?” hyperlink following the following instructions displayed on the screen. This link will not work from your home computer. In that case, you can have a solution by calling this number (281-897-4357) of CFISD’s Customer Care Center. Again, if you do not have access to a computer, you can call this (281-897-4092) number of the payroll department and solve it in an alternative way.


CFISD stands for Cypress-Fairbanks Independent School District, known to most people as Cy-Fair. The institution, which first started classes in a church, is today one of the largest independent school districts in the state, with a colorful history of more than eight decades. This independent school district currently operates on 93 campuses with an ‘Exemplary’ or ‘Recognized’ rating from the Texas Education Agency. It now employs about 19k employees, including more than 8k faculty members, to provide education and related services to 117k registered students from Pre-K to 12th grade.

CFISD plays a considerable role in education in Texas with the vision of moving forward toward empowerment by combining leadership with education with big dreams. Again, CFISD’s mission is to nurture every student’s potential in the light of disciplined and relevant learning experiences, preparing them to lead the modern world.

Disclaimer: The CFISD and CFISD logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the CFISD.

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