Build A Bear Pay Stubs & W2s

Frederick Taylor’s scientific theory in the 20th century was human relations science, which later became human resource management. During the industrial revolution, the owners of industrial establishments became desperate to make their companies stand high globally by using employees illegally. That causes anger, dissatisfaction, and aversion to work among the employees. As a result, this concept of human resource management was born. Hence, payroll software or employee self-service portals can play an essential and time-consuming role in managing the workflow and results of an organization’s critical HR department with transparency and accountability. In the case of Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, employees can access the portal to check them and download or print them for any need. An all-in-one payroll software is the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal that Build-A-Bear Workshop uses for all its employees. If I talk something about Build-A-Bear Workshop, I would say that it is a twenty-five years old company equipped with a collection of stuffed toys in the American retail industry. With the support of a large, passionate, and hardworking workforce, this trusted and beloved company operates around five hundred stores on all continents across the globe.

Explore the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal for your Build A Bear Pay Stubs & W2s

  • All the employees of Build-A-Bear Workshop can easily follow this article because this article is arranged in such a way that everyone can easily understand everything. I hope there will be no confusion about the access process to Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal. This access link ( is assigned to the Build-A-Bear Workshop Company to access the web-based Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal so that the employees can get customized services as per the contract. The old employees of Build-A-Bear Workshop must know about this portal, and the newly hired are also briefed about it. At the end of the briefing, you must be given the User Name and Initial Password or sent through email for initial sign-in and hope you already got them.
  • Now visit the access link (mentioned above) and sign in with the User Name and Initial Password. Can you see instructions to change your Password on the screen? Yes, change your Initial Password and create a new one. You will sign in to the portal using this Password from now on.
  • Now, do you see something like Challenge Questions on the screen? Yes. In this step, you must select three Challenge Questions and save their answers in the system through the input boxes. Here the questions boxes have a dropdown menu, and through that, you can select the question of your choice. Its reason is you may forget your Password in the future, and your identity will need to be verified by the system when resetting the Password. The system will ask you the questions you have chosen, and if you answer correctly, your identity will be verified, and you will be allowed to reset the Password. Finally, navigate to UltiPro Home Page by clicking on the “Continue” button.
  • Find and click “Menu” from the top-left corner of the UltiPro Home Page to enter the “Myself” tab. Now looking at the screen, you can easily see the “Pay” section. You will find your latest Pay Stub and all old Pay Stubs during your employment at Build-A-Bear Workshop by exploring the “Current Pay” and “Pay History” options. Scroll down, and you’ll also find an option called “W-2,” where your W2 Statements will be updated at the end of the year.

Disclaimer: The Build-A-Bear Workshop and Build-A-Bear Workshop logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Build-A-Bear Workshop, Inc.

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