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When it comes to the name of a film and television production company in the American entertainment industry, Universal Studios must be mentioned first because it is also the largest in the world. Active in various entertainment ventures, the company fills people’s lives with exhilaration and excitement by creating memorable moments, lasting memories, and unforgettable experiences. That’s why Universal Studios has Universal Studios Theme Parks, Amphitheaters, television shows, music, movie theaters, etc. Various activities of Universal Studios are managed through multiple divisions to provide people with family entertainment. I think this article is going to be very useful, especially for those who are employees of various divisions of Universal Studios. Because in this article, I am trying to organize the information and access process of various online portals used by different divisions of Universal Studios to distribute your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. Let’s discuss according to its divisions below.

Universal Orlando

All employees working under Universal Orlando have Employee Self-Service Center, which they can access through Oracle PeopleSoft Sign-in to receive their Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. Access the Employee Self-Service Center by visiting the sign-in page through this link (https://ess.universalorlando.com/psp/UNIP1PH_ESS/UOESS/?cmd=login&bypass=1&languageCd=ENG&). When signing in here for the first time, use your badge’s 7-digit team member ID as the User ID. A password will be your SSN’s last four digits + your last name’s first two letters in uppercase + year of birth + @—for example, 6789OR1990@. Your account will be automatically locked if there are five consecutive incorrect attempts at signing in. Then to unlock your account, you need to call the IT Service Desk at this number (407-224-help (4357)) and get assistance through Option 2.

After your first time signing in, change your Oracle PeopleSoft password and explore your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements by accessing the Self-Service Center Home after following other on-screen instructions (if any).

NBC Universal Studios

The NBCUniversal Self-Service Portal is available to all employees working under NBC Universal Studios. To access that self-service portal, visit this link (https://login.inbcu.com/login/login.jsp?) and sign in through SSO (Single Sign On) process by providing your SSO ID and Password. NBC Universal Studios will give the SSO ID and Password required to sign in here. Then an authentication process may need to be completed, and you should change your password simultaneously.

You will only get Pay Stubs here, but your W2 Statements will be sent to your home through postal mail. Please call ((855) 474-6228) or email (hr.connection@nbcuni.com) to request your W2 Statements.

Back Ground Artist and Staff

Background Artists and Staff are issued their W2 Statements through the Paperless Employee Portal. First, create your Paperless Employee account through “Create Account” by navigating to the login page (https://www.paperlessemployee.com/eptaxforms). Ask your supervisor if this link doesn’t work or has been changed. Login directly if you are already a Paperless Employee account holder. In the first step of creating an account, provide the required information and perform CAPTCHA authentication. In the next step, provide your name, create your User ID and Password, and submit a verification code by receiving. Then complete the Security Questions step and provide Contact Information through the Verify process. In the last step, complete the account creation by setting up the Electric Statement Notification Options. Receive your W2 Statements from the Year-End Tax Statements option by January 31st.

Other Divisions

The remaining divisions of Universal Studios use the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal to distribute Paystubs and W2 Forms. For your convenience, I mention the divisions: Universal Studios Florida Production Group, Universal Studios Hollywood, Universal Studios Lot, Universal Pictures, Universal Pictures Home Entertainment, DreamWorks Animation, and Focus Features. The employees of the mentioned division should kindly collect the portal access link, User Name, and Temporary Password from their respective employers.

Now sign in from the Workday sign-in page and change the Temporary Password to a Permanent Password. Then complete the set-up of Challenge Questions and reach Workday Home. Click the “Pay” icon to search for your Paystubs and W2 Forms.

Disclaimer: The Universal Studios and Universal Studios logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Universal Studios, Inc.

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