Wakefern, Price Rite & ShopRite Former Employees W2s

I just received a massive request in this tax session from the former employees of Wakefern, Price Rite, and ShopRite to write guidelines on how to receive their W2 statement online as a former employee. According to the payroll office- W2 forms are available online at the Paperless Employee site, but nothing is displayed when they are searching online. A few of the requests are below-

Wanda Montes wrote me- “can’t get help to get my W2 all the # I’m supposed to call never answer, and I can’t log in the page because as I’m not working my # its invalid anymore.

Isable wrote to me- “I can’t get my W2, I have tried every day this week, and I can’t log in. I’m a Xemployee of PriceRite. Please help me!”

Nancy Galla wrote that I’m an ex-employee, want to create an account to view my W2 2018. I’ve visited my stores; it tells me to go paperlessemployee.com. I googled, but the website doesn’t recognize me. Please help me.

Dear former employees of Wakefern, Price Rite, ShopRite, the fresh grocer, and Dearborn market, you can access your W2 statements from the Paperless Employee self-service portal. For the following guidelines to access your W2 online-

Logging In-

  1. Go to https://paperlessemployee.com/wakefern (please don’t search)
  2. Log in with your user ID and password.
  3. Doesn’t recognize your password or user ID, you can use the Forgot User ID or Password link.

 Create an Account

If you are a newly terminated employee, you have to create an account in the following way-

  1. Click on the Create an Account button.
  2. Enter your Social security number, Date of Birth, and verify that you are not a robot, then click on “Authenticate & Create Account.”
  3. Enter your Account Name (the entered name is only used as the account name), Create your user ID (user ID must be 6-15 characters using only letters and number), Create a Password (password must be 8-15 characters in length), Receive a Verification Code (you will receive a verification code to your cell phone, you can choose between Text Me or Call me. Then you have to enter your verification code). Once verified, click on Save and Continue.
  4. Select and provide the answer to the three security questions. This will be used to assist you in resetting a forgotten password. Once answered, click on “Save Security Questions.”
  5. Enter your contact information- email address and cell phone (you have to verify your email and cell phone). Once verified, you will be logged out. And login again with a new user ID and password.
  6. Select the “Electronic Statement Notification Options,” choose the Yes option and select one or both (Email/cell Phone) option. Click on “Save Notification Option Settings.”
  7. Now you have completed the Account Setting. You can download your W2 in the following way.

View/Print Year-End Tax Statement (W2 Forms)

Electronic W2 Forms are available for Tax Year 2018 and beyond. W2 Forms before the tax year 2018 are not available online. To order for your current W2 Form, click on “Access Current Year-End Statements” under the Year-End Tax Statements menu. Tick the select tax form box and select (DOWNLOAD-PDF) from the delivery method, then click on “Review & Complete Order.”  This will show a summary of your order in the next steps and click on “Submit Order.” You will receive a Download/View link in the next steps. These links will only be active for 10 minutes. After that time, you will need to place a new order.



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