How to File for Unemployment in Michigan Online

COVID-19: Self-employed, gig workers, independent contractors, and low wages workers can file for Federal Benefits!

If you’ve lost a job or had hours reduced due to the COVID-19 pandemic, you can file a claim for benefits, including unemployment.  File a claim to the Michigan Department of Labor and Economic Opportunity is now open phone and online. You can call 1-866-500-0017 and press 1 to file a claim, but the phone line can be busy due to the staggering number of calls simultaneously. So you can file your claim online for the fastest service. A staggering number of Americans lost their jobs or had their hours reduced during the COVID-19 outbreak. As a result, they are filing an unemployment application for help. But it would help if you were unemployed through no fault of your own, quarantined, or hours have been reduced to be eligible for unemployment benefits.

How to Apply-

  1. Go to the UIA’s system (MiWAM) at
  2. Scroll down and click on “For Employees” from the UIA home page.
  3. Click “Sign in With MILogin” under Log in To MiWAM for the claimant’s section to create a new account or log in with an existing one.
  4. If you’re an existing account, click on Login; otherwise, click on the Continue button to create a new account. The following steps are for the new user-
  5. Step 1: Profile information- enter all required information (name, email, phone, etc.) and check the terms and condition box, then click on NEXT.
  1. Step 2: Security Setup- Choose a user ID and password of your choice (but it should follow the guidelines), set up a verification process, and then click on CREATE ACCOUNT.
  2. Step 3: Confirmation- You will see a confirmation message in the next window. You’ve to verify your account by email or phone that you’ve chosen in Step 2.  
  3. Now log in and start filing a new claim in MiWAM. To file a claim, enter your Identification (SSN and DOB), then the system will determine your next steps. If you have not previously filed for unemployment benefits, click on Submit. Otherwise, you can access your filed claim.
  4. Enter your Michigan ID information and click on the Next Step. Agree to the Security Agreement and click on Submit to begin filing your new claim.
  5.   Identification information: after completing all the required information, click on the Next Step.
  6. Demographic Information: enter your physical address, telephone number, demographic information, and additional information. Click Next Step when finished.
  7. Additional Info: you have to answer all the questions in the Claim Date, Out of state work, and school information sections. Click on the Next Step when finished.
  8. Employment Information: the information required in this section is available in your pay stubs and W-2 documents. Click on the Next Step when finished.
  9. Payment Method: This is the final step to complete a claim. Set up your direct deposit information to access your money faster. Click on the Next step.
  10. Select an option to receive correspondence from UI. There is two option- Go Green and Paper. Click on the Next step.
  11. Check the tick box to agree with your unemployment benefits rights and click on Next Step.
  12. Review and submit your claim. After you file, you’ll be notified about the claim and the program. Once you’re receiving benefits, you’ll have to certify every two weeks, which you can do online. To keep receiving benefits, you must show that you are actively looking for work. The department advises keeping a record of your search dates. If there are questions about your eligibility, you may have to participate in a phone interview.


UIA’s system (MiWAM)

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