How to File Unemployment in Florida

COVID-19: New mobile friendly site to apply for unemployment benefits in Florida.

Application to the Florida Department of Economic Opportunity (DEO) are now open through a mobile friendly website and DEO CONNECT due to the staggering number of new unemployment claims. Both website are for everyone to apply, but too much errors are experienced at DEO CONNECT, as results a lot of people in Florida have struggled to file a claim. Therefore, you can apply for the unemployment benefits with the new mobile friendly portal- it is convenience, user oriented and also provides a much better experience for smartphone and tablet user.

How to Apply-

  1. Go to the DEO’s new launched RA Claims website
  2. Complete the registration process or login.
  3. Change your password, if you’re asked.  
  4. Click on “Create Claim” then select “New Claim” and then Cliam (blue color).
  5. Read the “Fraud Alert” notice and select Yes then submit.
  6. Enter your personal information including name and residential information. Click on Next.
  7. Enter your identification information, SSN, employment and employer information in the following steps.
  8. You have to select “COVID-19” as reason for separation. Once done, submit your application.
  9. Need assistance! You can call at 800-204-2418.


DEO’s new launched RA Claims website

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