Lowe’s Market Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Lowe’s market is a grocery store chain based in Texas. It is also known as a supermarket that runs its stores in the state of Colorado, as well as the state of Arizona. There are around 146 lowe’s market stores under the local brand name (Lowe’s, Lowe’s market, Lowe’s Mercado, big 8, ACE, shop n’ save, family center, fiesta foods, super $, etc.) in Texas, New Mexico, Arizona, Colorado, as well as Kansas. According to the company background, Lowe’s has a rich family history that can be mapped back to the late 1940s when E.M. ‘Bud’ Lowe began his profession by selling candy and sundries with just one truck circulating throughout the town of Littlefield. Lowe’s primary food item profession started in 1964, with its first store in Olton, Texas. Bud and his son, Roger, established the organization dealing with the community, their teammates, and their family. The company is still using the money network pay stub portal. The money network pay stub site will continuously permit access to your info with a secure web connection. You can view and print your pay stubs on the money network pay stub portal website whenever – every minute of every day. In numerous instances, your payroll information will be accessible before your payday.


To access from Money network pay stub portal, you should sign in with your employee ID, date of birth, and PIN. . If you are a new employee, you must establish a user account for the first time. The website will ask you to get your employee ID, date of birth, and the last three social security numbers to send and set up your account. Remember, you won’t qualify to set up your account until the issue of the payment check by Lowe’s. See the Resource for the link.

View Pay Stubs

After logging in, click on the View Pay Stubs tabs. A list of pay stubs will appear in the subsequent stage. Snap on the check date for view.

View W2s

Snap on the View W2s, then a list of available W2s years will be displayed. Click on the W2 year for viewing or downloading. Not yet provide consent for electronic delivery; you’ve to provide electronic delivery consent first to receive electronically.


The paystub portal will never convey your pay stubs and W2s through email, but they will be notified when W2s or pay stubs are ready to view. On the other hand, you will request for fax copy via phone. Just call 888-959-3389 as well as adhere to the system’s prompted instructions. Please press your Employee ID when asked for a user ID and the lastfour4 figures of a social security number.


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