Genuine Parts Company Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Genuine Parts Company Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Genuine Parts Company is a nearly century-old company in the American motor vehicle manufacturing industry, which currently serves customers in 15 countries around the world across North America, Europe, and Australia. With a large workforce of over fifty-three thousand employees, the company has grown into the largest automotive aftermarket network today by providing quality products and fast, reliable service from over ten thousand locations. Being able to motivate the workforce by providing timely and varied opportunities has a significant impact on the growth of this world-class distribution organization organically. Genuine Parts Company is using Webcenter Payroll Portal to conveniently process payroll for its workforce, where employees can access and receive their Pay Stubs. It also uses the Tax Form Management Portal to process year-end tax documents or W2s. Although the company originated in ancient times, with the change of time, it has adapted itself to the new technology, and with all the modern facilities, it has reached the ultimate flame of success.

Access your Genuine Parts Company Pay Statements at Webcenter Payroll Portal

  • Genuine Parts Company authority will complete your registration on the Webcenter Payroll Portal after hiring you. Then to access the portal through an easy single sign-on process, you will be provided your credentials and an access link. Enter this access link (, input your username or email, click “Next,” input your Password, and finally, click on the “Sign in” button.
  • If multi-factor authentication is enabled, a security code will be sent to your phone number, which, upon submission, will take you to the home page of Webcenter.
  • After reaching the Webcenter Home page, find the “Pay History” option where your Pay Stubs are constantly updated. Go to “Pay History,” and you will find all your Pay Stubs according to the company’s pay date. Recent Pay Stubs are at the top of the list and previous ones at the bottom. After opening the document, you will get detailed information by clicking on any date. If you open it with the “View Printable Version” option, you will get opportunities to download and print.

Access your Genuine Parts Company W2 statements at Tax Form Management Portal

  • Tax Form Management Portal is a system that works for providing W2 Statements only to the contracted companies’ employees. Genuine Parts Company contracts with this Tax Form Management Portal to issue W2 Statements to all employees.
  • You must access this portal if you wish to receive W2 Statements electronically. First, enter the Tax Form Management home page through this link ( and enter your Employer code:10754 and reach the login panel of the system. Then the authorized users can access the portal by directly inputting the User ID, clicking on the “Continue” button, providing the Password, and clicking on the “Log in” button.
  • However, unauthorized or new users must first complete the registration process from the “Register Now” panel. To start the registration, click on “Click here,” provide your personal information to the system and “Continue” to the next step. After answering some security questions, enter your email and phone number in the next step. Then in the last step, create your “User ID” and “Password,” and by completing the registration process, you become an authorized user.
  • And yes, after registration, don’t forget to accept the terms and conditions of the Tax Form Management system and provide “W2 Consent”. Because if you fail or do not give consent, you will not receive W2 Statements electronically but will send a hard copy to your home address. W2 Statements are usually issued at year-end between the last week of January and the first week of February. In the meantime, log in to the portal and download your W2 Statements.

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