Bright Horizons Pay Stubs & W2s

Bright Horizons Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Bright Horizons Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

All workforces are encouraged through various priorities to achieve the goals and mission set by the management of any company. The company offers multiple services that are most suitable for the benefit of the workforce, depending on the business needs. In this context, Bright Horizons Family Solutions manages the payroll of approximately thirty thousand employees working in the company using the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal for the distribution of pay stubs and the Tax Form Management Portal for the distribution of W2s. In this way, as the employees have the freedom to receive Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, the company has also reduced the cost of the payroll department and presented an up-to-date system. And speaking of the company Bright Horizons Family Solutions, it was incepted with the mission of providing high-quality education and childcare to the children of working parents worldwide so that those working parents can focus on work without worry. The company currently operates over 1,000 childcare centers worldwide while maintaining diversity, equity and inclusion by following a policy of non-discrimination and anti-harassment through integrity, excellence, accountability, respect, and teamwork.

Access your Pay Statements at the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal

  • After the recruitment process, if you are confirmed to join Bright Horizons Family Solutions, your employer will register you on the Workday Employee Self-Service Portal and provide you with a temporary password. In this case, your username will be (e.g., And at the same time, the employer will provide you with the link assigned to your company to access this portal.
  • Now you turn on the computer, open the browser, visit the access link ( of the portal, provide your Username and Password and click on the “Sign in” button. Your temporary password will expire upon signing in, and the system will prompt you to create a new password. You follow the instructions for the new password to make it perfectly and strongly. Then if your system asks to set up two-factor or multi-factor authentication, enable it according to the on-screen instructions. The next step is to answer some security questions, as this will also increase the security of your account. Then it is good if you are taken directly to the homepage of the workday; otherwise, click on workday from the applications displayed on the screen and enter.
  • Now you click on “Let’s get started” (Only for the first time, it will appear on the screen), enter the “Pay” menu from the Workday homepage, and view or download your pay stubs from the “View Payslips” option.

Access your Tax Statements at the Tax Form Management Portal

  • Bright Horizons uses Equifax’s Tax Form Management Portal to distribute W2 Statements to all employees and will provide you with your employer-assigned code (12980) on this portal, as you will not be able to access the login panel on this portal without this code.
  • Just as your employer completes your registration on the Workday portal, similarly, your employer completes your registration process also on the Tax Form Management portal and provides you with a User ID and Password. You can reach the login panel by simply accessing the homepage of the Tax Form Management Portal through this link ( and submitting your employer code (12980).
  • Then log in, providing your User ID and Password and if you are asked to change the password or answer security questions like the Workday portal, do the same in this portal.
  • However, in order to receive electronic copies of your W2 Statements, you must provide “W2 Consent” following the Terms and Conditions. Then go to “My Account” from the dashboard in the last week of January to receive W2 Statements.
  • Help: For any information or problems related to your payroll or if you have difficulty accessing the portal, call this hotline number (877-534-7301) or comment below this article.

Disclaimer: The Bright Horizons and Bright Horizons logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Bright Horizons Family Solutions Inc.

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