Yates Services Pay Stubs & W2s

If you are searching for the best maintenance and production assistance, then Yates Services is one of those at Nissan locations in Smyrna, Decherd, and Canton, etc. with the best automotive manufacturing ecosystem. You can have this production assistance, which has more than 30 years of experience maintaining and mechanical operations with different automotive advantages. As managers, technicians, and administrative staff, all the staff are the most skilled, qualified, and experienced. Here are available different services with a complete package as facility maintenance to assembly, material handling to administration, and all you need.

Previously Yates Services provided the pay stubs and W2 statements to the employees via Money Network Paystub Portal. But, from last 1st February, they are providing the pay stubs and W2 statements via the ViewpointOne portal of Viewpoint, Inc. So, all former and current employees have to complete the registration on this new portal. And if you are registered once, then you don’t have to register again.

Yates Services and some of its franchises use this portal for their employees to distribute the pay stubs and W2 statements with this URL: https://phikds02.wgyates.com/Account/Login?co=WuPheEdBx6jjRHYL4Suy/Q==.

These franchises are:

  • Yates Services – Canton,
  • Yates Services – Decherd
  • Yates Services – Smyrna
  • Yates Services – Battery Plant

Yates Construction Company and some of its franchises are using this portal with this URL: https://phikds01.wgyates.com/Account/Login?co=DWxhi5oreLCt8c0xhgd1JQ.

These franchises are:


9 – Yates Engineering Corporation

15 – Yates Engineering LLC

16 – Yates Constructors LLC

32 – American Industrial Constructions LLC

71 – Edward Electric Service LLC

88 – Merit Electrical Inc.

89 – MEI Electrical Inc.

91 – Superior Asphalt Inc.

98 – The Yates Companies Inc.

Registration Process:

  1. Navigate to the ViewpointOne employee portal sign-in page using your definite web address link.
  2. Click on the ENROLL button.
  3. Provide your Employee Number
  4. Enter the last 4 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number)
  5. Create a password according to your own wish.
  6. Confirm your password by re-entering the same password.
  7. Click on the REGISTER button.
  8. Select your W2 Paperless Delivery Consent.
  9. Provide your Phone Number.
  10. Finally, navigate to your Dashboard by setting up ‘Confirm My Paperless Setting.’

View your Pay Stubs:

  1. Click on ‘Earning.’
  2. Please wait until loading the menu.
  3. Select the ‘Pay Stubs’ option under Document Selection.
  4. Select your desired date, and please, wait for the result.
  5. Now, you can download or view by selecting the pay stub of your desired date.

View your W2 statements:

You can view your W2 statements as same as pay stubs. But, here, you have to select the W2 option under the Document Selection menu. Your W2 statements will not available here if you have not selected your W2 Paperless Delivery Consent at the time of the registration process. Besides, if you have already selected the no option of your W2 Paperless Delivery Consent and now you want to active it, then you can select your W2 Paperless Delivery Consent as yes from My Paperless Setting. And then, you can download or view your W2 statements.




Disclaimer: Yates Services and Yates Services logo are the registered trademark and copyrighted work of the Yates Services company.

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