XLC Services Pay Stubs & W2s

XLC Services Employees: Payroll documents such as pay statements and tax statements will be available for you to access through a secure online service called Green Employee. If you are new to XLC services, you will need to create an account with Green Employee to access your current payroll documents online. If you experience any issues with accessing your payroll documents online, you can contact with your HR manager or email to hr@xlcservices.com. Below are the steps by steps tutorial for your access into Green Employee to check your payroll documents.

Getting Started: Steps to log in/registration

Part 1. Visit to the Green Employee online service portal for XLC Services employees. The portal web address is http://xlcservices.greenemployee.com/
Part 2. If you have already an account, enter your email address and password to login this system. First time, you need to create an account (see part 3 to part 7)
Part 3. From the Green Employee@XLC home page, select “Create an Account” then enter your personal email address, set up password and click Continue.
Part 4. This will send you an email. This email link leads to the page where you will be create an account. This page has fields for you to verify your employment with Employee ID or SSN and Date of birth. Click Continue.
Part 5. Verify your identity using email or text verification. Select one of them and click Continue. This will send you a code via your preferred method. Enter the code in the box and Confirm. Now login with your email address and password.
Part 6. From the GreenEmployee.com welcome wizard, enter you corporate email and personal email in the basic information field, and select notification option click Next.
Part 7. Set up your address and contact information and click Next. Now you are able to view and print your payroll documents.




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