Waffle House Pay Stubs & W2s

Waffle House employees: setting up your direct deposit through the My Waffle House self-service portal. To enroll in the direct deposit program, you must complete a natural deposit authorization form online through my.wafflehouse.com. You will be prompted to enter your routing and personal bank account number during setup. Once you have set up your account, you will be paid bi-weekly unless the State requirement and payroll fund will be automatically transferred into your designated bank account on payday. Your direct deposit slips (pay stubs) also will be available on the same portal to review and print on payday. If you don’t have a banking account, you can also sign up for a payroll card, the payroll card sign up forms are available in the Payroll office. Note, it is your responsibility to verify your bank account and review your direct deposit slip information; if any discrepancy, contact with HR/payroll office. The HR representative can only provide information related to pay stubs and W-2.

If you wish to receive a paper paycheck weekly, you can pick up your paycheck from the payroll office on the weekly payday, or you can discuss it with your restaurant manager to pick up from the restaurant (where you are working).

The current year’s W-2 tax statement will be generated for each employee in the following January by the payroll office. The W-2 form will be mailed to your home address during the last week of the same month (no later than 31st January). Ensure your address is updated; you can verify the address by reviewing your direct deposit slip (pay stub). If your address is incorrect, you can change the address in My Waffle House self-service. You can also call the Associate Hotline at 1-800-818-6943 for assistance.

If you want to pick up your W-2 from a restaurant (work station), contact your manager. He/she will be guided to pick up your W-2 and distribution date.


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