Wood Personnel Pay Stubs & W2s

Wood Personnel is a private employment agency that provides direct hire, contract, and temporary staff. The company was established in 1988 by Bill Wood and his wife, and now it has seven locations in middle Tennessee. The company also offers competitive wages and better matches employers to employees. However, if you are working with this company, your pay stubs, time card, and year-end tax statements are online. Therefore, you can view and print your pay stubs, tax statement, or complete time-card entry online at your convenience.

View & Print Pay Stubs

Access your web portal account from the login button found on http://webportal.woodpersonnel.com:81/WoodPersonnel/login/login_view.jsp

Enter your account Username and password. If you forget your password, select the “Forgot your Password” link on the login screen, then you will be prompted to enter your username.

An authorization code will be emailed to you if you are newly hired. For the web portal login page, click “Register Now,” and it will be prompted to complete the registration process.

After completing the registration process, the system prompts you to log in with the new username and password.

Once on the Home Page, select “Check history” from the payroll options on the left-hand side of the screen. This will take you to the Check History page; click on a check number to view your pay stubs.

View & Print W2s
Access your Green Employee account to view your year-end tax statement online; New to the Green System, create an account at first with your social security number and date of birth. There is a two-step process, the first is to create your account with an email address and password, and the second is to connect with your company.

Once you have connected with your company, this will take you to the Green Employee welcome wizard page. You will be asked to enter your corporate email, personal information, notification setting, and delivery method of your tax statement. If you opted-in for electronic delivery, Form W2 for the current year will be available on January 15th. If you have not opted-in for electronic delivery, it will be postmarked to your home address no later than January 31st. For more information, contact with nearest Wood Personnel office.

WPS Web Portal

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