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Winking Lizard- Tavern and Restaurant is a beer store and whiskey bar located in Ohio. It was established in 1983, currently operating 21 restaurant in Northeast and central Ohio. However, all employees will have access to the information being discussed below. If you do not have the Ultipro account, contact with the payroll office immediately to access your login credentials. The Ultipro web portal is available from work or home with internet access.

Viewing Pay Stubs
Log into your Ultipro account and hover over the Myself menu. Select Current Pay Statement under Pay. Follow the following instructions to Log into Ultipro account. This instructions are based on using windows web browsers. If you use a different platform, you can follow Ultipro guidelines.
1. Go to the following URL: (Do not add www in form of the url)
2. Enter your username and password. If you are new to this system, enter your username (combination with name and date of birth) and initial password which is provided by payroll office. Click on Login.
3. First time user will be prompted to complete a few of additional steps-
4. Change the initial password: change your password from the temporary log in password, new password must be 8-15 characters and contain at least an uppercase, lowercase latter, a number and a special character. Click on OK
5. Select challenging questions and provide answers: once you have successfully updated your temporary password, you will be prompted to select and provides answer for three challenging questions. Click on Finish.
6. After completing these initial steps, account dashboard will be displayed.
7. Click on the Current Pay Statement under Pay tab, this will open a page where you will view your most recent pay stubs.
8. If you encounter difficulty with viewing your pay stubs or have questions using Ultipro, call at 216-831-0022 for additional help.


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  1. I’m trying to log in to receive my pay stub ,but every time I do log in it say that my user ID is an error I need someone to help assist me as soon as possible

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