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Sodexo; is a worldwide leading company with life services like food services and facilities management based in France. Nowadays, Sodexo is ruling the world, providing hundreds of best-quality services for improving the quality of life of more than 100 million people with approximately 427000 employees in 80 countries worldwide. Sodexo is running the business with different services like food services, facilities management services, workplace & technical services, benefits & reward services, personal & home services, etc., in various industries like business & industry, defense, energy & resource, government, healthcare, justice, schools, seniors, sports & leisure, universities, etc. with dignity. Sodexo is a significant business community with a vast number of employees globally. That’s why Sodexo is using ADP Global View Portal to provide pay stubs and w2 statements in detail and other beneficial information, an integrated system provided by a single vendor for payroll and human capital management services.

How to get access to ADP Global View Portal?

ADP Global View Portal for Sodexo employees link is

The only way to access this portal is to log in with your User ID and Password credentials. You can then view your pay stubs and w2 statements, and other payroll-related information and benefits.

Can you retrieve it with Forgot your password if you forget it? Option. Here you have to provide some information in different steps like verifying your identity by providing your User ID, answer a security question, resetting your password, and confirming your password.

If you are a new user, there is no registration system. You must call ADP Employee Service Center at +1 (833) 793 5294 and collect your user ID and temporary password. Here you have to provide some information to the customer care representative as (1) Full Name, (2) Birth Date, (3) Employee ID Number,r an,d (4) the last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

When you initially log in to this portal with your User ID and Temporary password, you have to change your password immediately, and you will be prompted automatically to change it. You must provide a personal email address and phone number as contact information. Finally, you have to select the Go Paperless option.

If you need to know or update any W2-related information, you are always permitted to call the W2 helpline number: (877) 729 7395, or you can send an email with a clear description to Besides, all employees (Salary or Hourly) can log in to And you can complete your registration at for You must provide your last name, the last four digits of your SSN, and your Employee ID, and follow the screen instruction properly.


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  1. I need to look and get copies of my pay check stubs for how muck I pay on my benefits.

  2. I need my W2 for 2023. I was employed by Sodexo at Slugger Field in Louisville Kentucky. The company was called Centerplate before Sodexo bought them out, this year they were bought out by Oak view catering.

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