WinCo Foods Pay Stubs & W2s

WinCo Foods Employees: Paperless Employee @ WinCo Foods is a web based self-service portal that gives you access to your pay stubs and year-end tax statements online as recorded by HR office. The Paperless Employee @ WinCo Foods self-service portal can be accessed from any location with internet access. The self-service portal is now available for view and print your pay stubs and year-end tax statements, change your personal information- name, address, phone number etc. However, once you have sign up at Paperless Employee, you next pay stub or year-end tax statement will be sent to you electronically, you will not receive a paper copy. But you can opt out the electronic delivery of your year-end tax statement any time.

1. To login the Paperless Employee system, access your company site at:
2. Enter your user ID and Password then click on Login. If the entered information is correct, Home will be will be shown.
3. From Home, Click on Pay Statements then Access Current Pay Statement. This will be displayed the most recent copy of you pay statement.
4. From Home, Click on Year-End Tax Statements then Access Current Year-End statements to view the recent (last year) tax statement. Make sure, you have selected the YES option under electronic delivery.

To create an account in Paperless Employee system, you must submit the following information that described in below.
1. Once you are in Paperless Employee @ WinCo Foods, click on Create Account. If not, access your company site by using REFERENCE link.
2. Enter your Employee ID, SSN and DOB. The information is collected to validate your identity. Click on Authenticate & Create Account.
3. Enter your account name, create a user ID and password then click on Create Account
4. Select and provide answers of three security questions, click Save Security Questions.
5. Enter and validate your email address and cell phone number click Submit.
6. Select delivery options and notification preference and click Save Notification Option Setting. When finished you will be logged out. Now log in with your new user ID and password.


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Comments (13)

  1. I am wondering if you will be sending out a paper W2 this month, as my password and login do not work. I have called the office in Boise several times, but the logins and password still don’t work.

  2. Glenda Rockwell  |  

    Tried like 10 times i forgot my password went thru all the drama still couldnt get in. And I still work here. Tried it at work Secretary called with no avail still havent got thru. What are we doing wrong.I guess im not the only one having trouble. Thxs Glenda store #45 Richland.


    Cant get in to the web page to get copies of my pay stub.. forgot security question, phone number don’t work either.

  4. Dolores A Mastenbrook  |  

    Totally frustrated. Attempted to set up new account, kept getting validation codes that when entered, stated weren’t valid. I give up after 40 minutes. Useless, useless, useless.

  5. Hello I am having problems with the notification page my account is set up but for some reason it will not send a notification code via phone text or phone call my carrier is T-Mobile please advise how to fix.

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