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How to Access Westaff Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

In today’s technology world, the role of HR and payroll software is immense in increasing the productivity of the employees or officers of the organization. Many companies use separate payroll software/ portals for payroll and year-end tax statements. Accordingly, Westaff uses the Comdata self-service portal to issue pay stubs and the Paperless Employee Portal to issue Year End tax statements or W2s. Westaff is one of the oldest employment agencies in the American staffing and recruitment industry that has been providing the required workforce to various companies with a reputation for almost eight decades. Westaff understands employees’ hard work and wants to ensure that employees are paid on time completely. That’s why they provide the technology and ways for employees to access pay stubs and w2s.

Access your Pay Stubs at Comdata self-service portal

  • To access and review your pay stubs, visit the Comdata self-service portal login page through this link: (https://w6.iconnectdata.com/chth/Controller?XFunction=LoginPage).
  • If you have already completed the registration, complete the login by providing your Username and Password here. Then click on “Paystub” from the “Banking” menu of the portal. If your pay stub has not been generated, the portal will display an error message on the screen. Otherwise, you will be redirected to Comdata branded US Verify pay stub site with the list of pay stubs. If your pay stub list is not displayed here, click on the “View Paystubs” option and click on “View” next to the specific pay stub to see details.
  • You can set up through the “Preferences” option to receive your payment delivery notification via email or SMS on your phone every payday.
  • If you are not yet registered in this portal, navigate to “Next” by providing your Comdata Card Number and Activation Code under the login panel or in the link provided on the left. Then complete the process by providing the required information, including date of birth and social security number. You can also perform this by contacting your local office.
  • To recover your forgotten username or password, follow the proper instructions by providing the required information through the specific link below the login panel.

Access your W2s at Paperless Employee Portal

  • The Paperless Employee Portal is very secure and user-friendly for accessing your W-2. There is a blue color hyperlink (user guide) in the welcome message above the login panel of the portal through which complete step-by-step instructions are given to create an account on this portal, set up online delivery, reset the password, reach the dashboard, and print a copy of W-2.
  • If you already have an account on this portal, log in by providing your User ID and Password to reach the dashboard from the login page (https://www.paperlessemployee.com/Associates/PE).
  • Otherwise, start the process by clicking “Create Account” on the right side of the login panel to create an account. Then enter your Associate ID, SSN/SIN, and First Three Letters of your Last Name without spaces, dashes, or apostrophes and click “Authenticate & Create Account” by reCAPTCHA verification. Then create your user id and password by providing your full name and complete the code verification in the next step. Finally, select three security questions, answer them and complete the process by providing additional information.
  • Now set up “yes” to receive your W2s via electronic delivery from “Account Settings” via “Manage Contact & Electronic Statement Options.”
  • A notification will go to your mail when your W2s are available on the portal at the scheduled time. Then access your W2s from the “Year-End Tax Statements” menu. And if you haven’t set up electronic delivery, a copy of your printed W2s will be sent via first-class mail after January 31st.

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  1. Ok I am try to receive my w2 forms i am a former employee at Buffalo Wild Wings I have am locked of your system because telephone number is different when trying to unlock my password it has been changed I don’t remember how to get into my account to receive w 2 my name is Kyle dempster it could also be under my g mail account not sure so here the g mail address kyledempster669@g-mail.com if you could please forward my information to get into my account thank you have good day

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