Buffalo Wild Wings Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Buffalo Wild Wings Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Payroll is a process by which companies pay wages to employees at the end of work. Every business organization should have a payroll process. Often the most significant expense for a business is payroll. An efficient and effective payroll system will ensure that employees are paid accurately and consistently. Companies use various payroll software or web-based portals based on modern technology. Through this, employees can easily access different updated information and documents such as pay stubs and w2s.

In the restaurant industry, Buffalo Wild Wings is a company that has a total of about thirteen hundred restaurants in all 50 states of America. They also have franchise-based locations in various countries around the world. Altogether, about fifty thousand polite and humble employees serve the guests. Buffalo Wild Wings authorities issue all these employees’ Pay Stubs & W2s through the Ultipro Payroll Portal.

Access to the Ultipro Payroll Portal

  • All employees are registered on the portal as soon as the Buffalo Wild Wings company hires them. Newly hired employees are then provided with usernames and default passwords to access the portal. Contact your manager or payroll department if you have not received or lost it.
  • Now ensure your computer has a proper internet connection and open the browser. Then copy and paste this link (https://n11.ultipro.com/mobile/app/pages/login.aspx?Alias=Buffa794) into the browser’s address bar, and press the “Enter” to reach the login page of the portal. Then log in by inputting your username in the username field and the default password in the password field.
  • The first login attempt by employees on this portal after joining the company is called Initial Login. As soon as the initial login is complete, employees are directed to change the password on the screen. To change your default password, input it in the “Current Password” field, and then input your new password twice for confirmation in the two input fields below. Here for your new password, create it properly, understanding the requirements and instructions given by the system. Then click “OK” to save your new password and navigate to the next step.
  • In case of any problem occurs with your account in the future, to confirm your identity or prevent unauthorized access, three security questions should be selected sequentially from the dropdown menu, and the answer should be written in the input field below and saved.
  • Now the page you see on your computer screen is your portal dashboard or home screen. Clicking “Menu” on the top left side of the home screen will display all the portal menus. Then find your Pay Stubs and W2s under the “Current Pay Statement” and “W-2” options under the “Pay” menu. You often find them in the “Newsfeed” on the portal’s homepage. Then by clicking on specific Pay Stubs or W2s from the list and opening it, you can download or print it according to your need through “Download” and “Print,” located on the upper right side of the document.

Help: To recover your forgotten password, visit the “Forgot your password” link from the Ultipro login page, enter the only username or username and access code and click on the “Go” button. Then follow the next instructions, and you can recover your password easily.

NB: If an employee forgets his user ID and password or gets the account locked due to repeated login attempts with wrong credentials, he should call this number (+1-800-499-9586) to unlock the account.

Disclaimer: The Buffalo Wild Wings and Buffalo Wild Wings logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of Buffalo Wild Wings, Inc.

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