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How to Access WellSpan Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

WellSpan Health is an unprofitable integrated health system in America’s hospital and healthcare industry with a strong team of over 20,000 healthcare professionals with an exceptional mission to provide healthcare. Here everyone comes together with respect for everyone, doing the right thing in the right way with a positive attitude to improve the community’s health. Having to process payroll for such a large workforce and distribute Pay Stubs and W2s to everyone regularly is challenging because Payroll Reports or Pay Stubs are generated based on all payroll transactions within a specified time frame by any company. The organization’s management has to look at various payroll reports to be informed about payroll expenses and other information. WellSpan Health uses the Lawson portal for employees to make these tasks easy. Active employees can access the Lawson HR Portal through the Citrix Gateway. Former or inactive, or terminated employees who do not have access to the Citrix Gateway must log in or register with HR Document Self-Service. However, active employees can also access HR Document Self-Service.

Access to the WellSpan HR Online/ Lawson Portal via Citrix

  • Users can easily, quickly, and securely access Self-Service Portal through Citrix Gateway. Please do not attempt here if you are an ex-employee of WellSpan Health.
  • To access the WellSpan HR Online/ Lawson Portal, visit this link (https://wshaccess.wellspan.org/) from your computer. Then enter your WellSpan username and password in the appropriate input fields and click on “Log On.” The username and password will be provided to you by your employer or system administrator.
  • After logging on, you will reach the “WellSpan INET” homepage. Then click “HR Online” from the blue menu on the left side and reach the WellSpan HR Online/ Lawson portal dashboard. There are various links available to get news and information about WellSpan Health Company. You can explore data and documents related to your human resource from different menu options in the blue menu bar on the left side.

Pay Stubs & W2s: Clicking on the “MY PAYCHECK” menu will open a webpage where you can access the Lawson portal by providing your WellSpan username and password. Here your paychecks or pay stubs, direct deposit information, W2s, and personal information are available. Open the document by clicking on the magnifying glass icon next to your specific Pay Stubs or W2s. Finally, click on the printer icon on the menu to print that document. If this is your first-time login into this portal, you must set up the document delivery option “online” by providing an email. Otherwise, you will not receive your electronic document delivery.

Access to the HR Document Self-Service Portal

  • Inactive or former employees of WellSpan Health must log in to “HR Document Self Service” via this link (https://mhcprodweb.wellspan.org/) to access W2s. In this case, enter the WellSpan username and password in the specified input fields and select “mhcKBA” from the “Authentication” dropdown menu to log in.
  • If the login is successful, you will reach the portal dashboard. You have to set up the document delivery option “online” by providing an email address if your delivery option is not set up here. Then you will receive your electronic W2s delivery on time. Then you can download and print your W2s by logging into the portal if needed.
  • Active employees can also log in to the portal’s dashboard by selecting “Lawson LSF Authentication” as the authentication option.

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