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How to Access WEIS Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Payroll is a financial calculation of a company’s salaries, wages, bonuses, and benefits. Payroll is the system of paying employees at the end of the month in all business establishments based on their titles, working hours, etc. Payroll Management or Payroll Portal is needed to perform calculations related to salary payments. Every organization has different components of payroll. Based on the organization’s rules, money is deducted from the monthly payroll of employees for PF Funds or Income Tax, etc. A payroll feature is included in the accounting package to keep all these accounts. After generating the monthly payroll, every employee is given a Pay Stub detailing their salary. And at the end of the year, tax statements or W2s are also provided to employees. All these documents (pay stubs and w2s) are digitally supplied to the employees through the payroll portal from the company, with easy access to the necessary information related to employment.

ePaystubPlus Portal – Access Pay stubs

Weis Markets, Inc. contracts with the ePaystubPlus online payroll system to instantly update all of its employees’ pay stubs via direct deposit. Here employees get access to various information about their payroll, history data, Pay Stubs, etc.

  • To access the ePaystubPlus Portal for the first time, visit this link (https://www.epaystubplus.com) and enter your Social Security Number (without using any dashes) and Date of Birth (without using any slashes) in the first part of the login panel.
  • Then click on the ‘Validate’ button (resolve reCAPTCHA if it appears); your company name will automatically appear in the box below after completing the validation process. Then enter the last four digits of your Social Security Number in the password box and click on the ‘Login’ button.
  • Now on the page that will appear on the screen in front of you, set up your account by selecting three security questions and creating a user ID and password by following the instructions below the box. Finally, you can optionally provide your email address in the email address box; But there is no problem even if it is not given.
  • Anytime in case of login to this Portal, validate by inputting your User ID and Date of Birth; Complete login by providing the new password. Then view recent pay stubs from the dashboard under payment options.
  • If you forget the password created during login for the first time, go to the Portal’s login page, enter your Social Security Number or User ID and Date of Birth, and click on the link below ‘Forgot password’ next to “click here.” Then answer the security question correctly and create a new password.

Tax Form Management Portal – Access W2s

  • If Weis Markets, Inc. employees want to access and print their W2s, they must access the Tax Form Management Portal because the company has an agreement with this Portal to issue W2s. So to get paperless or electronic W2s at the end of the year, visit the Tax Form Management site (https://www.mytaxform.com/) and click on the ‘Login’ button by entering the Weis Markets Employer Code: 17470. Weis Markets’ regular employees access the dashboard by providing the User ID, clicking the ‘Continue’ button, and then providing the password.
  • And for the new employees, to register first, visit the registration link on the right side and provide all the necessary information step by step. After receiving the one-time passcode, input it in the appropriate place and create the user ID and password in the next step. Then click on the ‘Continue’ button and complete the login as a regular employee in the next step. Finally, provide W2 consent, set the delivery option online, access the electronic W2s from the dashboard, and print (if required).
  • Access to electronic or digital copies of W2s here must require an internet connection, and your computer must have adobe acrobat reader 7.0 or an updated version to view or print.

Disclaimer: The WEIS and WEIS logos are Weis Markets, Inc’s registered trademarks and copyrighted works.

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  1. how is one supposed to log in or rather even make an account so they can when it does not work… all that is supposed to be done apparently is for the s.s. number and your date of birth… and there is no place to put what the company is and that the only thing to select from is an ” epaystubs and or a epaystubs dynamic… and that does nothing all it does is come up with an error message saying if you try too many times it will be locked.. but no explanation of what happens next or why is did not let you in

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