Nan Ya Plastics Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Nan Ya Plastics’ Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

The modern era is the era of science and technology. Various discoveries of science are the result of the ruthless pursuit of people. The unprecedented success of technology in all aspects of life is evident today. Since ancient times, people have been finding ways to survive or to make life a little easier. They used to make everything more accessible and manageable with new methods. As such, large multinational companies used to distribute pay stubs and W2s to their employees manually. Today all companies provide pay stubs and W2s electronically to their employees with the benefit of modern technology. Nan Ya Plastics Corporation USA has made significant contributions to the chemical industry by purchasing and constructing manufacturing facilities for various plastics processing products, polyesters, electronic materials, and petrochemicals, first established in Taiwan and finally in the United States. All information and documents related to the payroll of all employees associated with Nan Ya Plastics Corporation USA, such as payroll transactions, pay stubs, w2s, etc., can be known through Nan Ya Employee Self-Service Portal (

Get Access to the Nan Ya Employee Self-Service Portal

  • First, open any browser on your internet-connected computer device to log in to the Nan Ya Employee Self-Service portal. Type the URL of the portal ( in the address bar of the browser, press enter key, and reach the login page.
  • Now input your Login ID and Password in the specified input box and click on the ‘Submit’ button. Then search for your desired information (Payroll transactions, tax information, pension information, benefits, etc.) or documents (Pay Stubs & W2s) from the portal home page or dashboard in the specific menu. You must have Adobe Reader on your computer to view or print your documents.
  • Most importantly, you must consent to receive digital or electronic copies of your W2s on the self-service portal. To give consent, login to the portal, enter the ‘Consent Forms’ option, print the ‘W2 Consent Form’, fill it with the required information, sign it, and send it to the Local HR Department. Then your W2s will be generated in the portal on time. And if you didn’t give electronic consent, the payroll department will mail you a hard copy of your W2s by January 31st.
  • It is good to know that in this Nan Ya Employee Self-Service Portal, all employees will get access to Payroll transactions and documents (Pay Stubs & W2s) of the last five years. If any of your transactions and documents are older than five years, they will be automatically removed from the portal.

Note: Here, your FPG Workflow credentials (Login ID and Password) and Nan Ya Employee Self Service Portal credentials (Login ID and Password) are the same. Your Login ID is The 6-digit employee ID assigned to you. After the company hired you, your employer sent your Employee ID through postal mail.

  • Forget Login ID & Password: If, for some reason, you can’t remember your login ID or Employee ID, then visit the ‘Forget Login ID’ link from the portal’s login page and submit the required information correctly. If your email address is set up in this portal, then your ID and password will be sent by email; otherwise, they will be sent by post to your home address. And if you can’t remember the password only, visit the ‘Forget Password’ link from the login page and submit the required information correctly. Then follow the next instructions to know your password.

Disclaimer: The Nan Ya Plastics and Nan Ya Plastics logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the Nan Ya Plastics Corporation USA.

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