ServiceMaster Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access ServiceMaster Pay Stubs & W2s Online?

The American ServiceMaster Company has been in the Facilities Services industry for over six decades, maintaining a healthy environment in customers’ residential and commercial offices. The network of this company has over 8,000 locations worldwide under multiple brands, including company-owned, franchise-owned, and license agreements. Day after day, it has occupied the leadership position by providing Facilities Services through advanced technology and the latest tools and methods. A considerable workforce is working tirelessly under all the brands of this ServiceMaster network. The collective contribution of all the employees at work is this company’s business success. All employment-related information is available in the Paychex Flex portal for everyone involved in this success. Employees can access employment-related information such as Pay Stubs, W2s, personal information, 401K retirement eligibility information, etc.

Access to the Paychex Flex Portal for Pay Stubs and W2s

  • A pay stub or paycheck is a document that details a particular work period for all employees under a specific company, and W2s is a document of Wage and Tax Statement for the whole year that determines the amount of tax. To get a digital copy of the Pay Stubs and W2s of all employees covered by the ServiceMaster network, access the Paychex Flex login page ( from your network-connected computer device, input your Username and click the Next button. Then input the Password and click on the next button again. Finally, complete the login by providing additional information based on your security settings, if required.
  • However, if you are newly recruited, you must first create an account through the sign-up link on the login page. In this case, click the sign-up link, provide all the required “Personal Information” correctly, and click the ‘Continue’ button. Check all the information provided here and if it is correct, click the ‘Yes’ button in the pop-up window. Then select your desired security question as “Security Information” and save the answer. Note your saved answers correctly here and click on the ‘Continue’ button.
  • In the Security Level step, save the ‘Text Verification Code’ option as Highly Recommended as a default method during login from an unrecognized device. After understanding your security options, click the acknowledgment check box and the ‘Continue’ button to go to the next step. Now, create your account credentials, like your Username and Password, by following the system requirements as Account Information.
  • Finally, at the ‘Email Verification’ stage, activate your Paychex Flex account by clicking on the link sent by the system to the email address you provided. If no mail containing the activation link is received at your email address, you can request the system to resend the mail by clicking on the ‘Resend’ button.
  • Pay Stubs: After logging into the Paychex Flex portal, you will find a list of your Pay Stubs in the ‘Check Stubs’ tile on the dashboard. Then you can see the details by clicking on the specific Pay Stub. If there are no Pay Stubs here, then understand that your Pay Stubs have not been created yet.
  • W2s: After logging into the Paychex Flex portal, select ‘Tax Documents’ from the dashboard and click on the PDF icon. Then your latest W2s will appear here. Click on ‘View All’ to see all your W2s.
  • To recover your Username or reset your Password, click on the “Forgot Username or Password” link from the portal’s login page, select the desired option (Username/Password), and provide the necessary information. Then click the ‘Continue’ button, and you will receive a username or password reset link via email. In the case of password reset, after clicking on the link, you need to create a new password by providing your SSN and date of birth and answering the security question.

Disclaimer: The ServiceMaster and ServiceMaster logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the ServiceMaster Company.

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