CMCSS Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access CMCSS Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

CMCSS (Clarksville-Montgomery County School System) is setting an outstanding example in the primary and secondary education sector in Tennessee, USA, by providing appropriate education and empowering all students to reach their highest potential. Local governments, school boards, citizens, the business community, and various faith-based social organizations have played an equal role in this success behind the authorities and all employees of CMCSS. CMCSS always strives to provide quality education with modern technology to students in keeping with contemporary times. Everything here has a touch of modern technology. The school also has a contract with Tyler Technologies for a web-based portal to benefit teachers and other staff who work tirelessly to build the people of Tennessee. The MUNIS Employee Self-Service portal allows all faculty and staff to access personal and employment information such as Pay Stubs & W2s, through a secure login process.

Access MUNIS Self-Service Portal

  • To login to the MUNIS Employee Self-Service Portal, open any browser on your computer connected to the Internet and type this URL of the portal’s login page in the address bar: and press Enter. After entering the login page, provide your username and password correctly in the correct input box and click on the login button. A dashboard screen titled “Welcome to Employee Self-Service” will appear after successfully logging into the portal.
  • Note: As an employee of CMCSS (Clarksville-Montgomery County School System), here; Your Username: The part before the (@) of your CMCSS email address. Suppose your CMCSS email address is So your username in this portal will be ( Your Password: The password for your CMCSS email address will also be your password for this portal. If you do not know, forget, or have expired your CMCSS email address password, browse to this web address ( and follow the appropriate instructions to recover the password.
  • On this dashboard screen or home page, employees will get details about various organizational announcements the Administration provides. On the right side of ‘Announcements,’ you can send your questions or comments regarding the ‘Announcement’ or send a message to the Administration through the ‘Contact’ option. You will access various options, including your Personal Information, Time-Off (PTO), Leave Balances and Pay/ Tax Information, where you have all the information and documents related to your employment.
  • Through “Personal Information,” you can view various personal data provided to Human Resources during recruitment and manually change some limited information. There is an option to contact human resources in case of an emergency or if any critical data is wrong.
  • “Pay/Tax Information” on the dashboard includes your Pay Stubs, W2s, W4s, and 1099-R federal tax forms. And here in ‘Direct Deposit,’ click on the ‘Change’ option to change your settings and provide the required information correctly.

Pay Stubs: Under the “Pay/Tax Information” option, you can find details about your current pay stubs and view your entire payroll history details, including pay advice information, stored in the Munis Employee Pay History program.

W2s: Under “W-2 Information,” you will find your W2 statement for federal & state taxes and withholdings. Select a specific year from the ‘Year’ dropdown menu to access the details of your W2s for different years.

Disclaimer: The CMCSS and CMCSS logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the CMCSS (Clarksville-Montgomery County School System).

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