Wawa Pay Stubs & W2s

Wawa Inc. is an American convenience store chain that has won consumer votes as America’s favorite convenience store. Initially established as an iron foundry company, it has more than 860 convenience stores, including food markets and petrol and gas stations. Unlike other convenience stores, Wawa has a dairy firm through which it produces dairy products and supplies them directly to Wawa stores. Their stores are commonly found in Pennsylvania, New Jersey, Delaware, Maryland, Virginia, Philadelphia, Washington, DC, and Florida. But Greater Philadelphia has more stores. It is the 3rd largest convenience store chain in Greater Philadelphia after Acme Markets and Shoprite. The company currently has more than 30,000 employees.

  • MyWaWa

MyWaWa is an online workday application intended for use by WaWa employees only. It is a centralized human resource and payroll application where all the employees’ information is available in one place. So if you are a WAWA employee, then all your personal information, human resource, benefits, and salary-taking information will be readily available at your fingertips through Mywawa.

  • MyWaWa Login

If you are a newly hired employee, an HR manager will guide you after completing your onboarding. After completing your background check, you will receive two emails from the workday instructing you to log in to MyWaWa. Log in with your user ID and password accordingly. And if you are an old user, log in with your previous user ID and password. And if you forget your password or user ID, contact the IT department. The IT manager will provide you with a new password or user ID.

View Pay Stubs

Your pay stub is under Mywawa’s “Pay” worklet. The “Pay” worklet will be visible once you log in to Mywawa. So to view your pay stub, navigate to the “pay” worklet. Now click on the “payslip” option; this will make your current and previous pay stubs visible in a table. Click on the payroll date in the table, which will make your desired pay stub visible. Now print it as you wish or download it as a PDF file.

View W2s

Your w2 form is similarly covered under Mywawa’s “Pay” worklet. However, if you want to access it for the first time, you must go to the W-2 announcement and allow online access. Now navigate to the “Pay” worklet. Now click on the “My Tax Documents” option; this will make your W2 form visible in the table. The table will be empty until next January if you are a newly hired worker. Click on the “Edit” option inside the Printing Election and select View / Print. This will bring up a pop-up window where you will have information that your w2 form will be visible in a few moments. Please wait a minute; your w2 form will be visual, printed, or downloaded as a pdf file like a pay stub.

  • Former Employee

If you are a former employee and have lost access to MyWaWa, you can still access your w2 form online. For this, you need to visit mytaxform.com. First, go to mytaxform.com, enter 11155 in the employer code box, and log in with the required information.

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  1. It says my employer is not contracted for the requested service, when logging into mytaxform.com
    Is there another way to electronically access w2 forms when available since I am terminated?

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