Market Basket Pay Stubs & W2s

Market Basket Pay Stubs & W2s

The market basket chain consists of 64 supermarkets located in New Hampshire, Massachusetts, and Maine in the United States. Since August 2014, Arthur T. Demoulos has owned the entire market basket of Demouls Supermarkets Inc. Before 2014, Arthur T. Demoulas held 49.5 percent of the market basket. The Demoulas family has been at loggerheads since 1990 over ownership of the rest. Finally, in August 2014, Arthur T. Demoulas acquired the entire stake in Market Basket for 1.5 billion. Nowadays, this traditional supermarket chain is back among us with a combination of innovation and modernity. Now they have a staff of just over 26,000. This article is written only for the employees of Market Basket. So if you are an employee of Market Basket, you will find how to access your pay stubs and w2s online. However, if you are looking for a job in the market basket, visit their job site.

  • Now I will present the main topic of this article about Pay-Stub and W-2 by presenting and answering a few questions. Hopefully, it will help you more than writing like a story.
  • Q: Where can I get my pay-stub online?
  • A: You can get an electronic copy of your pay-stub on the Employee Self Service Portal of Market Basket. Market Basket’s Employee Self Service Portal web address is –
  • Q: I am a newly hired employee, can I login to Market Basket’s Employee Self Service Portal?
  • A: If you are a newly hired employee, you must first complete the registration process to access Market Basket’s Employee Self Service Portal. Registration will require your employee number, a personal use email ID, and your SSN.
  • Q: How do I complete the registration?
  • A: If you have the required employee number, a personal use email ID, and your SSN for registration, click on this web address link of Market Basket’s Employee Self Service Portal at Now click on the “Register Now” link. On the next page, enter the information required for registration, the employee number, a personal use email ID and the last four digits of your SSN and the captcha letter and click the “Submit” button. You will receive a temporary password in your email if the information you enter matches the system information. Now login with the temporary password and enter a password of your choice. The next step is to select a security image and phrase and click the “Submit” button. Now, wait for the 1 or 2 payroll cycles for your PIN to be printed on the pay-stub. Once your PIN is printed on Pay-Stab, log in with the printed PIN. This completes your registration process.
  • Q: When will my W-2 be delivered?
  • A: Printed copy of your W-2 is sent by postal mail to the staff home address on 31st January of each year.
  • Q: How do I access my W-2 online?
  • A: You can access your W-2 at DSM Employee Self Service by logging in. However, consent must be provided for electronic access. Contact 978-640-8151 for more details.


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