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Many people now keep dogs as companions or family members. We know dogs need exercise for their health. By birth, dogs love to play, run, and hunt. As a result, it is not desirable for him to keep locked somewhere for a long time or tied up. In addition, dog sports and exercise are essential for mental and physical health. However, some people do not have enough time or are physically unable to do some sports with their dogs. Considering these, a mobile application based on advanced technology named “Wag!,” known as “Uber for dogs,” has come into the market. It acts as a connecting platform between dog owners and independent pet professionals. Through the application, various pet care services, including scheduled dog walking and training, are exchanged on demand. Also, detailed information and documents related to Pay Stubs and W2 Statements of professionals associated with Wag! are processed through this app. Dog lovers with pet care experience and first aid knowledge can join Wag as a dog walker if they want to grab the opportunity to earn money working with dogs. A dog walker is a profession that has gained quite a reputation in recent years.

Explore your WAG Pay Stubs & W2s in the Wag Pet Caregiver App

  • The company’s services are available through the “Wag! Pet Caregiver” App in more than five thousand three hundred cities in all fifty states across the United States. Independent Pet professionals can also connect to the app from anywhere and provide services. In this case, service charges or payments are paid to Caregivers through Stripe at the end of the service. Stripe is a third-party system for easy online payment processing. Since you are already connected to the “Wag! Pet Caregiver” App as a pet professional, your Wag profile and Stripe account must be ready. Because the first time you sign up or access the “Wag! Pet Caregiver” app after installing it on your device, you’re prompted to set up a Stripe account to receive your earnings. Independent Pet Professionals with Wag! are paid every Friday for services completed in the previous week. However, those who qualify for InstantPay can accept daily payments for a small fee at the end of the day.
  • Wag! Pet Professionals or Pet Caregivers provide services as independent contractors, so they are not issued W2 statements but are issued 1099 tax documents. Independent Pet Professionals must earn at least $600 in a calendar year to receive a 1099 tax document. As an Independent Wag! Pet Professional, you can check if you are eligible to receive a 1099 tax document by signing into the “Wag! Pet Caregiver” App. For this, navigate to “View past payments” under “Earnings” from the App’s Home screen. Then tap on “Completed by year” to check the total earnings of a particular calendar year.
  • Those who earned at least $600 in the previous year or the eligible Independent Wag Pet Professionals will receive a 1099 tax document between January 7th and 31st. To receive digitally through the “Wag! Pet Caregiver” App, go to “Earnings” from the Home screen and tap “Stripe.” Then sign in to “Stripe” and go to “Tax Documents.” If you cannot find your 1099 tax document in the “Tax Documents” option, please try again later because the update may not be completed yet. You must consent to receive your 1099 tax document digitally; otherwise, a paper copy will be physically mailed to your home between January 7th and 31st.

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