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Paperless Pay @ Union Bank– Union Bank has partnered with TALX Paperless Pay to provide an online self-service. Through this online self-self-service, you can access, view, and print your pay stubs and tax statement using the Union Bank intranet or the internet. Paperless Pay will enable you to view and print your year-end tax statement in the same format as the paper copy you receive through the mail, and it is also earlier than mail delivery.

Feature of Paperless Pay @ Union Bank
Paperless pay provides the following feature for employees of MUFG Union Bank N.A.
1. Pay stubs (electronic format, but you can always print out a copy of the pay stub if needed).
2. Set up a direct deposit account; if you do not have any bank account, you will be automatically enrolled in the payroll card program.
3. Form W-2- you may opt-in for the electronic delivery of your Form W-2, enabling you to access your Form W-2 online.
4. Tax withholding election/W-4: this option allows you to set up your W-4 information online.
5. Personal information/Contact information- You will add or update your personal and contact information when needed.

Union Bank Paperless Pay Employer Code
Union Bank’s self-service portal can be accessed in the Paperless Pay system by using the following code-
MUFG Union Bank Paperless Pay code is 11704

Paperless Pay Login

It is effortless; here are a few steps to easily access your Paperless Pay account.
1. To access PaperlessPay@UnionBank, type the following address into your device’s internet browser: https://paperlesspay.talx.com
2. Enter your Employer code and click on Continue.
3. Click on Click Here to Login.
4. Enter the last five digits of your Employee ID, and Click Continue.
5. Enter your PIN and click on Login.
6. By logging in, you have access to your payroll and the Paperless Pay portal features. These features include viewing and printing current pay stubs and tax statements, seeing historical pay stubs and tax statements and payment dates, setting up your W-4 information, updating your personal information, and much more.

New user
New users need to do the following to log into the Paperless Pay system-
1. Obtain an Employee ID. You will be asked for the last five digits of your Employee ID.
2. Obtain your temporary password, the last four digits of your SSN, plus the year of birth.
3. Launch Paperless Pay and Login with login credentials.
4. Set up security enrollment- you may need security enrollment to access your account the first time. But security enrollment is not required for existing users. Security enrollment requires that you set up your device for future use, select a security image, select and provide answers for a series of six challenging questions, and update your temporary password.


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