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Paperless Pay- Paperless Pay is a secure, confidential way to view and print payroll information, update or manage your personal information, change or set up a direct deposit and W-4 information. All employees of Graphic Packaging who participate in the direct deposit program will sign in to the Paperless Pay system with the log-in credentials. Please note your Paperless Pay user Id is typically your full Social Security Number without dashes, and a temporary password generally is your last four digits of your SSN plus year of birth.

Graphic Packaging Employer Code-
Graphic Packaging employer code for Paperless Pay is 12704. You will be asked this code during sing into the Paperless Pay system. Basically, a lot of US and international companies are using TALX paperless pay system. Therefore, an employer code must be required to find out a specific web portal from a lot of web portal.

Paperless Pay Login-
By signing, you have access to all of your payroll statements. These include, view and print payroll information, update or manage your personal information, change or set up a direct deposit and W-4 information. To access this system-
1. Please go to
2. In the employer code box, enter the Graphic Packaging employer code, 12704, and click Go.
3. Click on “Click Here to Login.”
4. Enter your user ID, which is your Social Security Number. Click Continue
5. Enter your PIN and click Login.

New user Login
To login the first time you use the Paperless Pay system, you will need to go through a single sign-in process, including security enrollment, and update your temporary password. During the initial login, you will be prompted to change your temporary password.

Security Enrollments-
Security enrollment is easy and can be done when you log in for the first time. There are a few steps-
Remember your device- chose an option between YES or No to remember your device for future use.
Security image- set up a security image for your account.
Update personal information- add and verify your contact information if you do not have the information on file.
Security question- you will be prompted to select and provide answers for six security questions during security enrollment.
Update PIN- make a change of your temporary PIN.

Need Assistance?
For assistance to access your payroll information, you may call the Graphic Packaging service desk at 800-329-9630 or email at
Paperless Pay also provides customer service facilities for clients; you may contact the Paperless Pay customer service agent at 1-888-594-3729/1- 866-604-3729.


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