UNFI Pay Stubs and W2s

UNFI Pay Stubs and W2s

How to Access UNFI Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

UNFI (United Natural Foods, Inc.) was founded in 1976 in a bold move with the slogan “Better Food, Better Future” in mind to influence the American food industry in the right direction. UNFI is the leading wholesaler of natural and organic foods throughout the United States and Canada. Here, always embracing courage and believing in Better, It is on a mission to empower customers through better supply chains and delivering Better rightly. A massive workforce of around thirty thousand workers is employed in this company to run this vast operation. The Human Resources department uses the company’s own HR Self-Service Portal to manage the payroll of this large workforce working at UNFI. And this is where everyone can easily access and manage their profiles as well as receive Pay Stubs and W2s on time. However, if someone quits his job in this company, switches to another company, or retires, the HR Self-Service Portal does not have access. Former employees must wait for W2 Statements to be delivered by postal mail. Moreover, your historical W2 statements are available in the Tax Form Management System.

Active Employees’ Pay and W2 Statements in the HR Self-Service Portal

  • The HR Self-Service Portal is only for users authorized by UNFI and its subsidiaries. So it is necessary to be an authorized user in the registration process to access here. Therefore, first, visit this portal link: https://hrportal.unfi.com/ and directly click on the “Next” button. Then click on the “New user” button and complete the registration step by step according to the system instructions by providing the required information.
  • Now go back to the login page or re-visit that link. Then log in through the credentials created during the registration process and receive your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements from the dashboard.
  • If you have any problem during the registration or login process and receiving your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements, please call the UNFI Service Desk at (1-860-412-1573).

Access to the Historical W2 Statements in the Tax Form Management System

  • To access your historical W2 Statements in the Tax Form Management System, visit this link (https://www.mytaxform.com/) to reach the Tax Form Management’s “Home Page.” Then enter the employer code (21405) in the login panel on the right and click on the “Login>>” button to automatically take you to the login panel designated for United Natural Foods, Inc.
  • If you already have a Tax Form Management account in this system, log in directly with your User ID & PIN (Personal Identification Number). Otherwise, start the registration process by clicking on “Click here” from the “Register Now” panel.
  • In the beginning, provide your First Name, Last Name, SSN, and Date of Birth, and “Continue” to the Security Question step. In the Security Questions step, answer a few questions based on your personal information that will increase the security of your account. Then give your email address and phone number as contact information that is essential for any online system. Finally, create your User ID and PIN (Personal Identification Number) and complete the registration process. And yes, don’t forget to note down your Employer Code, User ID, and PIN.
  • Another essential task here is to accept the terms and conditions of the Tax Form Management System and give “W2 Consent,” and select the W2 delivery option “Online.” Then you will find all your W2 Statements online under “My Account” in this portal.

Disclaimer: The UNFI (United Natural Foods, Inc.) and UNFI logos are registered trademarks and copyrighted works of United Natural Foods, Inc.

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  1. why do you keep changing how we access our pay stubs and vacation hours available???? some of us are not very computer literate & it’s not fair to us that we don’t have easy or any access to our pertinent personal information. SHAME ON YOU!!!!! you’re nothing but a bunch of collage educated idiots trying to justify your jobs. I hope some day you will be in the same situation as we are!!! just remember right now you are technological geniuses but when you become our age you will struggle like we do, only I hope you struggle way more!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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