Trader Joe’s Pay Stubs & W2s

Trader Joe’s Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Trader Joe’s Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Suppose one is looking to discover unique and exciting grocery products by focusing on everyday basics instead of looking for different name-brand products. In that case, one should visit a nearby Trader Joe’s store. Because this grocery store chain, with more than 569 locations across the contiguous United States, delivers everyday essentials everywhere. Founded as Pronto Markets more than six decades ago, it was later renamed Trader Joe’s and has been operated by Theo Albrecht Family for over four decades. The exceptional products sold here by friendly and knowledgeable crew members undergo a rigorous testing process for quality. Also, all the products are arranged on the store shelves under scrutiny from every aspect so that customers can complete an enjoyable shopping experience. Additionally, the more than fifty thousand employees working at Trader Joe’s are provided a pleasant work environment where everyone is comfortable performing their duties. And at Trader Joe’s, the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal automates the payroll process, and digital copies of Pay Stubs and W2 Statements are provided to all employees in a self-service manner.

Access Your Trader Joe’s Pay and Tax Statements at the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal

  • Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal is a cloud-based HCM (Human Capital Management) software that more intelligently processes your payroll data and generates your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. To access the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal, employees have to log in directly, and Ceridian provides the login credentials through two emails. The first email contains the User Name, and the second email includes a Temporary Password and instructions for accessing the portal. After joining Trader Joe’s, your registration will be completed on the portal through your employer or designated representative, and then you will receive two emails from Ceridian. Follow the steps below correctly to access this portal, set up your profile, and avail of the service in the self-service process.
  • Login: Navigate to the Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal login page via this link ( assigned to Trader Joe’s employees. Then, complete the login to the portal by inputting your User Name and Temporary Password (copying and pasting from the email will not make a mistake).
  • Reset Your Password: Since this is your first login to Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal, the system will instruct you to change your Temporary Password and create a Permanent Password. And follow it properly.
  • Security Questions: You have to provide answers to some Personal Verification Questions or Security Questions for the security of your information and personal verification during your password changing or resetting on the portal.
  • Home Screen: Now you will see a Pop-Up screen related to Dayforce Update News which may contain information such as “What’s New” and “What’s Coming.” From here, clicking on the “OK” button will bring up the Ceridian Dayforce Home Screen. Then click on “Forms” to complete your profile setup. Under the “Personal” tab, explore options like Address, Contact Details, Direct Deposit, Emergency Contact, etc. and provide or update your Mailing Address, Email & Phone, Bank Details, etc.
  • View Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: From the Ceridian Dayforce Home Screen or Dashboard, click on “Earnings” and explore the “Earnings Statements” and “Year End Forms” tabs. Expand your statement view by clicking the arrow button on the “Earnings Statements” tab. Clicking on the arrow button next to the year in the “Year End Forms” tab will expand the title of W2 Statements for that particular year. Then clicking on the title will open your W2 Statements and have a detailed view. Once the document is opened, a “Print” button will be available at the top right to save it.
  • Note: The Ceridian Dayforce Self-Service Portal will allow the terminated employees to receive their W2 Statements by accessing them here.

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