American Seafoods Pay stubs & W2s

How to Access American Seafoods Pay stubs and W2s Online?

Seafood is a favorite food of most people around the world. The benefits of seafood cannot be overstated because seafood is rich in high protein and does not contain harmful fats. Another beneficial aspect of seafood is that it is a low-calorie food. Eating seafood can help you get rid of many problems. Seafood is also rich in omega three fatty acids, vitamin A, and vitamin D, as well as high protein. It plays an essential role in overall body structure and the prevention of multiple complex diseases. American Seafoods Group, a renowned seafood company in the American fisheries industry, operates a fleet of six state-of-the-art fishing vessels in the Bering Sea and North Pacific. The company is always dedicated to providing high-quality seafood on a mission to feed people safely and sustainably through the most experienced crew at sea. Payroll for all employees of American Seafoods Group’s two operational divisions (Vessels & Crew and Supply Chain) is managed centrally through the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal. All officers, crew, and staff receive instant usable pay directly into bank accounts via direct deposit, and Pay Stubs and W2 Statements are updated electronically on the Portal.

Access Your American Seafoods Pay and Tax Statements at the Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal

Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal is one of the most user-friendly and widely used payroll portals. The access process to this Portal is straightforward, and new users can also access the Portal in a few easy steps and complete the setup process quickly.

  • Initial Login: For initial login, you must first reach Ultipro’s main page using the access link ( designated for American Seafoods Group employees. Then you must log in for the first time inputting your User Name and Initial Password consisting of your Employee ID, SSN, Date of Birth, etc. You will get your User Name and initial password or its idea from your employer or system administrator at American Seafoods.
  • Create a Regular Password: Since you have logged in to your UltiPro account using an initial or default password, you should change that default password to a regular password to secure your information on the Portal. And Ultipro Employee Self-Service Portal system will automatically give that instruction. You follow the instructions and fulfill the requirements to generate your new regular password.
  • Challenge Questions: One more step left before reaching your desired Ultipro Home Page is selecting and answering the challenge questions. Through this, your account and data on the Portal will be more secure. If you ever need to change or reset your password, the answers to these questions will allow you to verify the UltiPro system and complete the following action.
  • Ultipro Home Page: Finally, you will see the Ultipro Home Page on the screen where the display area can have various shortcut options, To Do List, Recent Activities, etc. By exploring the main menu, you can review and update your personal information, human resources data, payroll data and documents, benefits, etc., from here. However, you must check your bank information by accessing the “Direct Deposit” option from the “Pay” menu.
  • Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: Your Pay Stubs and W2 Statements can be found by exploring the “Pay” menu. The “Current Pay Statements” option always updates the latest pay stub. And all previous Pay Stubs are stored in the “Pay History” option. Your annual W2 Statement is updated at the end of January each year under the “W-2” option. By clicking on your Pay Stubs or W2 Statements, you can view the details in PDF format as well as download and print them.

Disclaimer: The American Seafoods and American Seafoods logos are the registered trademarks and copyrighted works of the American Seafoods Group LLC.

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