Partners Personnel Pay Stubs & W2s

Partners Personnel Pay Stubs & W2s

How to Access Partners Personnel Pay Stubs and W2s Online?

Staffing companies act as a connecting bridge between those running a business and those looking for work. The world around us is continuously changing, and so are the business models. At the same time, daily life also becomes increasingly complex and busy; this is where staffing companies are constantly working to revolutionize and simplify how people and jobs are connected. Partners Personnel Management Services is one of the companies in America’s staffing and recruitment industry that can offer a full staffing service nationwide within five years of inception. The company follows a flexible staffing business model to find the best talent for businesses and provide associates with an excellent career-building platform. Associates and clients of Partners Personnel do not need to worry about human resource management and payroll processes separately. Because here, through TempWorks WebCenter Employee Self-Service Portal, the company manages its associates’ employment data and distributes electronic Pay Stubs and W2 Statements. The company’s business objective is to create value by continuously contributing to the improvement of individuals and organizations with a passion. As a result, within five years of establishment, it has expanded to over a hundred branches across the United States.

Access Your Partners Personnel Pay & Tax Statements at the TempWorks WebCenter Employee Self-Service Portal

  • Associates of Partners Personnel can always keep their employment profile updated and check required information and documents by accessing the TempWorks WebCenter Employee Self-Service Portal through a self-service process. Partners Personnel Associates access link to this portal is, and they can access the portal from anywhere. However, if someone gets a “Runtime Error” while accessing, you need to understand that the system prevents you from accessing due to error or security reasons. In that case, please access the portal using any device or computer connected to the local server.
  • Log In: Navigate to the TempWorks WebCenter access link and enter your Username and Password. If the device used is your personal, you can click the “Keep me logged in” checkbox and click the “Login” button. So, if you are done logging into the portal and returning later, you don’t need to log in again, even if you exit the browser.
  • Is this your first time logging into the TempWorks WebCenter portal? If yes, you should change your password now, as you have logged in using a default password given to you initially by the authority. If, for some reason, you skipped the password change instructions during the first login, then access “My Information” from the dashboard. Click on “Change your password” from the password option, follow the on-screen instructions to change the password, and create a new strong-permanent password. Here you can click on the checkboxes according to your choice from the “Notification” option to turn on the notification of those specific checkboxes. And you can add or update your email address in the “Email Address” option. Be sure to click the “Update” button after making the necessary changes. Also, update your employment profile regularly by updating your address (if required), resume, and other documents from the “My Information” option.
  • Pay Stubs and W2 Statements: Click on “Pay History” from the main menu bar of the TempWorks WebCenter dashboard. When “Pay History” opens, a list of all Pay Stubs will be displayed on the left side of the dashboard, with your latest pay date at the top and previous pay date at the bottom. Select your desired pay stub and click “View Printable Version” from the right side to view the details and print. Click on the “Taxes” option on the right and access your W2 Statements by clicking on the specific year.

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