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Select Medical; select medical is a provider of specialized acute care and rehabilitation care. According to the official website of Select Medical, it is one of the largest specialized care providers with more than 2000 locations and nearly 50,000 employees in the USA. Emory Health, Honor health, mayo clinic, and Ochsner health system are the partner of Select Medical.

Select Employees; do you know that choose medical has a few employee resource portals that you use for time and attendance, access payroll information, access tax statement, and benefits information? and are one of them. If you are outside of the Select Medical network, you can’t access it without DUO. DUO will be required to access the site. But if you are in the Select medical network, you will not ask for DOU. DUO self-service makes registering your device easy and installing the DUO app on your device.

Once you have installed an active DUO account on your device, go to

You will be prompted to set up your DOU account to protect your Select Medical account.

Once complete the DUO setup process, you will be able to access your Select Medical employee self-service account from anywhere at any time.

The selection hub gives you access to copies of your pay stubs and tax statements, and benefits information. The current year’s tax statement will be postmarked no later than 31st January. If you need a duplicate copy or are a former employee, contact the payroll office. For additional help, you can call (888) 735-6332. Please do not leave without comment if you have any difficulties.

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  1. I need my W2 from 2018. The company was called SEB, which was a Loss Prevention company. Another company bought them out. How can I obtain it?

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