Allied Universal Employee Pay Stubs & W2

Allied Universal Employees; You have no more access to the portal to retrieve your pay stub information or W-2 information. The new eHub system allows all associates/employees to access their pay stub information and tax information online. Therefore use the eHub to view and print your pay stubs and W-2 from any location at any time. This requires computer access. You can also use the eHub mobile app to view and print your payroll statements. The app is available on the Google Play store and apple store. According to the payroll office, the company supports you weekly, and your pay stub information will be posted on the morning of every Thursday on eHub. The current year’s electronic tax statement will be posted online on January 22nd. If you are a former employee, the payroll office will mail your W-2 Forms to the mailing address on record in their system no later than January 31st. If you need to change the mailing address, you must contact them before January 21st with the payroll office. For additional information, contact your local office. You can also find many resources here.

To access the new eHub system, go to

Enter your User ID and password, then Click on LOGIN.

You must first register for the portal if you have never logged into the eHub system.

Enter your user ID and Click on Register. If you do not have a user ID and temporary PIN, contact the payroll office to request it. Once requested, you will receive an email with a user ID and a temporary password.

Enter your temporary password and click Login.

You will then complete a registration process where you will be asked to answer a few security questions and select a new password.

Once complete, you will view and print unlimited copies of your pay stubs and tax stubs.

If you want to verify your employment or need proof of income, visit and use 8927 as the employer code. The web platform also will be asking for your SSN and income key.


30 thoughts on “Allied Universal Employee Pay Stubs & W2

  1. I am a former employee of Universal Pro before it merged with Allied Barton. I have moved out of state and have not received my W2. I need it to be sent to my new address as soon as possible. Please contact me at

  2. I am a former employee of Allied Universal. I no longer live in the state of Georgia. Please email me with w-2 information

    1. We still have not received our w2 information at all. I spoke to headquarters office on Jan 14, 2020 and they stated that we will be mailed out and available in ehub around or about the 3rs or 4th week of this month. I then called back and spoke to HR. And they stated that we should see then in ehub on Jan 22,202

      1. Who ever said that 🤥 smh I didn’t get mines and I work for the Philadelphia branch. They so unorganized bad communication and don’t know nothing🤦‍♀️

  3. I’m an old employer and need my w2. How do I access this information. I’m not allowed to access ehub. I cant even get old pay stubs also. Makes it hard on people who need this information in future. 🤷‍♀️

  4. I need to speak to some one in the tax dept the info on my W2 is incorrect and I’m being penalized by New York State please call me at 908-591-8964

  5. I need my 2021 W2
    Asap. G4S, my former employer merged or was bought out by Allied Universal.
    SS # ending in 6738, dob 07/xx/1950
    Employee #711xxx3
    Address: 411 W Swan Cercle #2904,
    Oak Creek, WI 53154
    Ph 414-758-8221

  6. Im a former employee Kyle Adkins trying to get my 2022 W2 and it wont let me download it from EHub at all

  7. If I’m a former ‘employee for allied I work there for January 2022 Til April 2022 and I moved out of state . I still have access to my aus but they’re not posted there . Will they be posted there later this month??

  8. I’m a current Allied employee and I’m trying to get my W2 but it won’t let me on the Ehub and I don’t live at the address that it was sent anymore if you could email it to me.

  9. I am a former employee and Allied has 5 days before I have to report my missing W-2 to the IRS. Really hope you get it together, Allied. I can’t find my files online, nor on Ehub, and I can’t even contact payroll because I’m being told “the inbox is full” ? This is ridiculous. Can I please have my stuff sent to me already?

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