Big Lots Employee Pay Stub & W2s

Big Lots Employees; The new oracle people soft system accessible through the My Big lots portal, allows all current employees to access their pay check statements, year-end tax statement, personal information and others voluntary deductions online at work place or home. You will also able to make change to your contact information, direct deposit, W-4 information and much more. On the other hand, the company has no more subscription with Skylight Online Wage Statement system. You are able to access to your historical pay and tax statement only through online wage statements portal. To access your tax statement online you must give a consent otherwise your W2 will be postmarked to your home address no later than 31st January. If you have any questions regarding the W2 issue, you can contact W2 hotline at 1-800-877-1253 x6628.

How to access MyBigLots.Net

MyBigLots.Net is an oracle people soft web based system that can be accessed by going directly to
All employees are already registered in this system. If you are new employee and don’t have access, contact with your payroll office.
Login with your Employee ID and PIN.
New employee can be login with their Employee ID and last 5 digits of Social Security Number as PIN.
Once you are logged in with temporary password, you will be promoted to create a new password.
You will also promote add your contact information including email address, phone number, direct deposit account information, a consent of online delivery to you of your tax statement and much more.


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  1. Have not recieved 2018 W-2 form. Cannot log into anything. I haven’t worked for big lots in a few months. Don’t know how to at least print a copy of it.

  2. I haven’t worked for big lots since December 2019. I haven’t received my W-2 and the hotline not working what can I do?

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