Big Lots Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

Big Lots Employees: The new Oracle people soft system accessible through the My Big Lots portal allows all current employees to access their paycheck statements, year-end tax statements, personal information, and other voluntary deductions online at the workplace or at home. You will also be able to change your contact information, direct deposit, W-4 information, and much more. On the other hand, the company has no more subscriptions to the Skylight Online Wage Statement system. You can only access your historical pay stubs and tax statements through the online wage statement portal. You must consent to access your tax statement online; otherwise, your W2 will be postmarked to your home address no later than 31st January. If you have any questions regarding the W2 issue, you can contact the W2 hotline at 1-800-877-1253 x6628.

How to access MyBigLots.Net

MyBigLots.Net is an Oracle people soft web-based system that can be accessed by going directly to
All employees are already registered in this system. If you are a new employee and don’t have access, contact your payroll office.
Log in with your Employee ID and PIN.
The new employee can log in with their Employee ID and the last five digits of their Social Security Number as a PIN.
Once you are logged in with a temporary password, you will be prompted to create a new password.
You will also promote adding your contact information, including your email address, phone number, direct deposit account information, consent to online delivery of your tax statement, and much more.


19 thoughts on “Big Lots Employee Pay Stubs & W2s

  1. Have not recieved 2018 W-2 form. Cannot log into anything. I haven’t worked for big lots in a few months. Don’t know how to at least print a copy of it.

  2. I havent work for big lots since the beginning of last year dont remember employee # I need a copy of my w-2

  3. I haven’t worked for big lots since December 2019. I haven’t received my W-2 and the hotline not working what can I do?

  4. My name marisol rocha my number 1738907 I been calling I would like to get copies of my check stubs from last year please since January to December of 2019 I you can send it t to my email address it’s fine thank you .

  5. If i don’t get my W2 you can bet your ass I’m suing I’m sick of the god damn run around. This shouldn’t be this difficult. As a former Associate its pretty fucking stupid to require me to remember a set of digits months down the road when I’ve been employed elsewhere!

  6. I need help with getting my employee ID # to get my W2 online. It won’t let me login without it.

  7. My name is Pam Meyer. I was employed at the Farmington, New Mexico store. I am sorry I do not have the store number Could you please send my 2021 W2 to my email address. Thanks. Pam

  8. I need to get my W2 from 2021 and don’t remember my employee number to access it on Please get back to me as soon as possible.

  9. My daughter Lexi worked at Big Lots last year and needs her w-2. It never arrived in the mail. Please send to the email listed.

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