Arrow Staffing Pay Stub & W2s

All current Arrow Staffing associates will access their pay stubs electronically via a secure online self-service website called Pay Stub Portal. A paper pay stub will no longer be issued if you are a direct deposit employee. On the other hand, you will receive a paper copy of your Form W-2. According to the payroll office- all associates W-2s are typically distributed at the corporate office on the 26th and 27th of January. (Follow the official Facebook page to see the announcement). So you can pick up from your corporate office. If you are failed to pick up your W-2 Form at the corporate office, your W-2 form will be postmarked by January 31st or the last business day of January.

Viewing & Printing Pay Stub Online

You may now view and print your current and historical pay statements electronically via the pay stub portal. Access the Paystub portal in the following way-
1. Go to
2. login with your Personal user ID and PIN. If this is your first time visiting the site, you need to create an account in the following way.
3. You have already received a temporary registration code for the paystub portal. I have not contacted the HR office.
4. Click on the First visit? Register Now link. This will take you to the registration page.
5. Enter your Date of Birth and last three digits of social security number and click on the Have a Temporary Registration Code link.
6. Enter your temporary registration code click on Submit.
7. Establish a personal user ID and PIN.
8. After you are registered, log in with a new personal ID and PIN. Once logged in, you will see the pay stub portal tab, View Pay Stubs, Email, Text Messages, and Change PIN.
9. To view and print your pay stub, click on View Pay Stubs. It will show a list of pay stubs and recent are appear on top.
10. To get an email and text message alert, click on the Email and Text message tab and enter your email address and phone number.

Access via IVR
You can access your pay statement summary via the IVR system. Call at 1-800-845-8683, and the IVR system will ask for your employee ID and the last four digits of SSN.

Access via POS
You can print out your pay stub at POS. The option is available for all employees.

Access via Tex messaging
You can also receive a short statement of your payment via text messages to your phone by texting BAL to 445544.


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