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Remedy Intelligent Staffing has achieved several awards such as “Best of Staffing” in 2017 for providing exceptional service, “Best of Staffing Client Satisfaction” in 2019, “Best of Staffing Talent Satisfaction” in 2019 and “Safety Standard of Excellence” mark. There are less than 2% Staffing Companies in the United States and Canada have achieved the “Best of Staffing” award. So, it can be said that Remedy Intelligent Staffing is one of the best Staffing companies with elite quality of services. Intelligent and expert recruiters try to understand the talents and clients then select the appropriate talents for the appropriate Clients or Companies along with their own company in on-site services, risk management, human resources, training, employment law etc. All the employees under all branch offices even under Valued Associate are provided pay stubs via Comdata Payment Portal and w2 statements via Paperless Employee Portal.

How to Get Your Pay Stubs?

Your Pay Stubs are available at this link on Comdata Payment Portal.

Log in to this portal with your log in credentials. First, know your log in credentials from your employer or payroll coordinator.

Your pay stubs are available under Paystub option from the Banking Menu (System can show an error message if your pay stub is not setup yet). If you click on the option you will be redirected to a new window. After completing a validation on the USVerify paystub site you will be able to see Employee Details screen. With clicking on View button you can check your pay stubs in details. You can get delivery notification on email or phone number, while your pay stub is ready with setting up Employee Preferences properly.

You can retrieve your forgotten User Id with providing Email address, fast and last name and password with providing User Id via Forgot Password? Forgot User ID? Option.

How to Get Your W2 Statements?

For getting your W2 statements first log in to the portal with your User ID and Password after navigating to the portal link: with a network connected device.

If you are a first time user then first you have to create an account in this portal. For creating an account follow the Create Account option. Provide your Employee ID, SSN (Social Security Number) or SIN (Social Insurance Number), Last 3 letters of your last name, complete reCAPTCHA verification and click on Authenticate & Create Account button.

Then provide your Personal Information, Contact Information, Create your User ID and Password following the instructions and requirements carefully.

At last you have to select your electronic statement notification option and how you want to receive your pay statements.

You can retrieve your forgotten User ID with providing your SSN or SIN and Last 3 letters of your last name and forgotten password with providing your User ID.


Branch offices of Tucson, AZ are providing pay stubs and w2 statements via Money Network Pay Stub Portal at

How to Get Access?

Login to the portal with your SSN (Social Security Number) and PIN and get your desired documents.

If you are a first time user then complete the Registration process first with Register Now option. Here, provide your SSN (Social Security Number) without dashes, Date of Birth following the format as MMDD. Example: February 12 will be 0212 and last 3 digits of your SSN (Social Security Number) and click on Submit button. Now, follow the instructions correctly provided by the system on the screen and complete registration process by creating your PIN as log in credential.

You can receive your pay summary through Text message or Email. For activating this service please provide your phone number and email address in the definite field and enable email or text message option. You can also call the automated phone service at 888-959-3389 for your pay summary.


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