Cardinal Glass Pay Stubs & W2s

Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc. is structured with five wholly owned subsidiaries where the subsidiary companies plan, manufacture and provide different types of glasses to the household clients for building the doors and windows. The products are available in domestic and international markets under the subsidiary companies such as Cardinal FG (float and high volume tempered glass), Cardinal CG (coated glass and optical mirrors), and Cardinal CT (custom tempered glass), Cardinal IG (insulating glass) and Cardinal LG laminated glass. In this sector, this company is also a technology leader. There are available some products with modern technologies such as self-cleaning coated glass is proper smooth to free dirt and let water to sheet off, and “LoE3,” is designed and manufactured to reduce the solar temperature. Behind the success of this company in the glass industry, there are three core ambitions such as Presenting higher-quality products, remaining highly competitive in both the domestic and international market and ensuring the best customer service.

Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc. is distributing pay stubs and w2 statements using UltiPro payroll system with this link:

How to get access to the Portal?

Actually, Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc. is using domain but as an employee you will not be able to log in directly through this domain. That’s why you have to log in through and you will be redirected to Microsoft online secure login gate way. From here, you will be able to log in with providing your credentials as User ID and Password. Then you can view, print or download your desired document.

If you are first time user then you have to complete initial log in.

Your User ID: First initial of your First Name + Last Name + @

Example: Suppose, your name is Robert Smith. So, User ID will be

Your Password: First initial of your First Name + Last Name + Last four digits of your SSN (Social Security Number).

Example: Suppose, your name is Robert Smith and SSN (Social Security Number) is 123456789 then your password will be rsmith6789.

After logging in successfully for the first time, you have to change your initial password from password changing screen and you will be prompted automatically by the system to change your password.

Then, will be navigated to the challenge question screen. Here you have to answer 3 challenge questions.

Finally, you will be navigated to the Personal UltiPro Screen where is available your pay stubs and w2 statements as end year tax related documents.


Disclaimer: Cardinal Glass and the Cardinal Glass logo are the registered trademarks and copyrighted work of the Cardinal Glass Industries, Inc.

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