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PlanSource, a technology company, runs its business associated with thousands of companies providing different benefits programs, services, and human capital management tools. The administration and social resource management departments of those associated companies offer a reasonable, automatic, flexible, and highly configured cloud-based solution for maintaining different companies’ plans. In this way, more than 10k employers and 3.5 million employees as users are getting advantages in different ways in their professional cases. In a word, PlanSource has formed a more significant advantage and HR experience for both the employers and the employees. All the employees will be received their pay stubs and w2 statements via the UltiPro payroll portal using the Plan source tool via this authentic link:

How do you access the pay stubs & W2 statements on the Portal?

To access your desired documents like pay stubs and w2 statements, please navigate to Now, log in with your login credentials as User Name and Password.

You can print or download your pay stubs and w2 statements from the Personal UltiPro Screen or Dashboard of the portal. You can maintain your personal contact and other information.

The following steps are for you if you are a new or first-time user of this portal:

Initial Login: Log in with your User Name and Default Password provided by your employer. Please contact your employer or Payroll coordinator if you are not offered.

Change Default Password: After login in successfully for the first time on this portal, you have to change your default password from the password changing screen following the instructions and password requirements from the screen provided by the portal.

Challenge Questions: Select from the dropdown list and answer any three challenge questions from the challenge question screen for your future security.

Dashboard: Now, you can download and print your Pay stubs & W2 statements. You can manage & view all your personal, contact, and other information and benefits, by following the Menu bar on the screen’s left-top.

Please, provide your User Name and New Password for every future login attempt on this portal.

You can retrieve your forgotten password with the link Forgot Your Password on the login page. By providing your User Name, you can only get proper help to reset your password or obtain a password reset link by providing both User Name and Company access code. Your company access code is available in the HR department.


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