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Papa John’s Team Members; PAPALINK is an oracle self-service portal for you to access your own administrative tasks regarding payroll information and others benefits data. It is a part of Papa John’s HR/payroll office.  Therefore, as a team member of Papa John’s, you can use the PAPALINK to access your payroll and tax information.

Benefits of PAPALINK-

PAPALINK online system is having real time data at your fingertips anytime and anywhere.

Updating/ changing your personal information- your personal information is already in PAPALINK system. You can add or update of your personal information at any time.

Pay Statements- Team members can use this system to display their current and historical pay statements. The pay statements are displayed in PDF format and can be printed as PDF docs.

Tax statements- Team members can also use this system to access their year-end tax statement and request for correction/reprint. For any assistance regarding your W-2, call at (502) 261-4540. According to payroll office, team members Form W-2s will be mailed to their home address by January 31st each calendar year.

For more information contact the corporate support center at or 502-261-4957.

Getting Started:

As previously stated, you must have a user ID and password to log into PAPALINK. You will have to change your password periodically. If you are a newly hired employee, your user ID and password to log into PAPALINK will be provided to you during orientation. User ID will never change and password is temporary, you will be prompted to change your password and set up security questions at first time login.

  1. Log onto the PAPALINK team member self-service website at
  2. Enter your user ID and password and press Enter or click on Sign In button.
  3. If you are new to Papa Link, you can login with your employee ID as user ID and your birthday month plus birthday day plus last 5 digits of SSN (MMDD99999) as a temporary password. After logging in with temporary password you will see the password has expired message, click on Change password. New password should be 12 characters in length and contains a special character, an upper case and lower case letter and a number. Once changed go to home page and login with new password.  
  4. PAPALINK home page will display.
  5. Click on “My HR” tab then Pay Details under Team Member direct Access area.

View Pay Stubs

To view pay Stubs, click on “View Pay Checks” from the left hand side menu. It will show a list of pay stubs that available for your and arranged by Check Date. Click on a check date row to view your pay stubs. [Note: you must have enabled the cookies for this website to view your pay checks]. Click on Printer Icon to print it out.

View W2s

To view your W-2 statement, click on “View W-2” from the left hand side menu of Pay Details window.  Current year-end statement will be present in the next window. Click on “Year End Form” link to view your W2. If you want to different view the different year’s tax statements, click “View a Different Tax Year” and select your tax year. Click on Printer icon to print it out in the next window. [Note: you must have enabled the cookies for this website to view your W2 statements]. For more information about your W2 call at 502-261-4540.   



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  1. Hey my name is Indya Foushee and I have been working at Papa Johns for 2 and a half weeks going on 3, I was told that we get paid every Friday, but my money hasn’t showed up on my card at neither one of these Friday’s. I wanted to see what was going on. Could you tell me more about that please.

  2. I no longer have access to my credentials for this site. I worked for Papa John’s for a couple of months, and forgot I had a w2 in the mail. I had already filed my taxes, and now I need to make an amend. How can I gain access to my w2?

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